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Misc Bahrain Stunning Day to Night Transition 1.0

Stunning Day to Night

  1. How is it for the race?? It's the night??
  2. In the race it will be full night, i am very sure! I have no time to test it... maybe you or someone else? :/
  3. I'm going to test in few minuts ;)
  4. Thanks Mate :) Maybe you can take some pictures during the race and upload here in a comment or i add it to the Thread with your Copyright :)
  5. Nice, looks very cool. Editing the dat file lets you change times of day? I didn't see anything to edit in the tod.xml. Want to try some things myself.
  6. Dont work i think :/
  7. Start of free practice:
    End of free practice:
    Start of Q1:[​IMG]
    End of Q1:
    Start of Q2:
    End of Q2:
    Start of Q3:
    End of Q3:

    So, yes, the race is like Abu Dhabi, start at sun and end at night
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  8. Very very Nice! Thanks for the pictures :)
  9. Do you think it's possible to have same qualifications and free practice but with the race at night??
  10. No, it isn't, because there is only one file for the whole weekend session times. :/ Thats why FP1 in Singapur was at night in 2011.
  11. Ok thanks!
  12. So it was amazing to race with the transition, although the car doesn't get updated with the lighting :/
    other than that

    2014-11-16_00001.jpg 2014-11-16_00008.jpg 2014-11-16_00010.jpg 2014-11-16_00019.jpg 2014-11-16_00022.jpg 2014-11-16_00028.jpg

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