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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 19, 2011.

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  1. OK, the results of the race will be based on the order we had when the leader (Mike Simian) crossed the start/finish line for last time before the first disconections happened. Even if we have a very failure free and consistent format, and we really don´t know what happened, we want to apologize for this problem we had on tonight´s race and we will try to check what really happened.

    Website standings are updated with next positions:
  2. Sounds like the most logical choice. :)
    Weird what happened indeed. Seemed like a lag spike in the server or something. But these things happen. :)
  3. funny thing was, there was absolutely no warning prior to the incident, two guys dropped off and then a little later, blam, one third of the field goen in a second, never seen anything quite like it.
  4. Neither me Eckhart, that was really weird.
  5. I blame the aliens. They were just too darn fast... the server just couldn't keep up.
  6. Yes very unfortunate and weird. I had a huge lag spike and then saw two guys exited (Tyler Scurlock and an FDR driver). Then a half a lap later it was my turn and I was gone along with some other drivers as well.
  7. I suppose somewehre along the line an internet node (server or whatever) just folded and took these guys packages with it. Really no other explanation because the server was fine all evening, maybe a thunderstorm somewhere, or a blackout, we'll never know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.