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Bahrain Drs fault

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by remydeleeuw, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. I was in qauli in bahrain. I've set my fast lap and after start finish I didn't brake but released the throttle and shifted back, what then happenen was that my drs won't deactivate.
    I drove around the whole track with drs open :p

    No drs mod or what so ever is installed.

    Anyone else noticed this.
    It's easy to try it out, just don't brake but release and shift back

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  2. Same in Australia
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    I'm confused, are you guys setting faster times by leaving the DRS open for the whole lap? I would think not, as you would have to slowdown using downshifts and coasting to make it around the corners. and that should make you slower.

    The DRS activation point is just that, an activation point. The DRS stays open until the driver presses the button again to close it, or depresses the brake to slow the car. There is no set point at which it is regulated to be closed (except through Eau Rouge in Spa). EDIT - this was last year where the drivers were allowed to use the DRS anytime during Practice and Quali, the rules are different for this year and they are only allowed to activate the DRS in the designated activation points.

    If faster laps are being set by not braking and leaving DRS open I think it is unfortunate, but I can't see it being a problem with rules.
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  4. normal ^^ you did not break or closed it per button :)
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    right, but it's not the fastest way around the circuit. It can't be.
  6. of course :D
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  7. No no of course not. Just pointing out that it's the same for australia too
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  8. It's not a problem and you won't get faster laps, but i thought the rear wing closes automatically when you're out of the drs zone.
  9. Nope, only if you manually close it or depress the brake pedal. As far as I'm aware this is the same in real life it's just that even on their in lap drivers brake for corners thus closing their DRS. That's why there's no designated end to the DRS zone even though it's displayed on all the tv graphics.the end point is just the braking zone.
  10. My memory might be playing tricks on me but wasn't Alonso's rear wing stuck open after DRS activation earlier this season? I think I remember him coming in so the ferrari mechanics could push it closed manually and then he drove the rest of the race without using DRS in order to keep it closed? Might be mistaken but I think this is right.
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  11. Yeah thats right, but alonso's wing had opened too much so the air flowing over it couldn't close it.

    Normally when the drs won't close mechanically the air flowing over the flap will close it.
    Sort of a failsafe system. But when it opens too far the air will push it up.
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  12. I heard on the uk sky analysis after Japan that in real life the DRS actually closes if less than 90% throttle is applied. So when vettel past grosjean he had to slightly lift as he caught him quicker than i think he expected, and his DRS closed. He then activated it again just after he got in front. If you get chance to watch the footage you'll see it
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  13. Ah I see! Couldn't remember why. Anyway my point in mentioning it was that he didn't incur any penalty for driving the rest of the lap with it open so I assumed there was no set point for DRS de-activation if you know what I mean. Not that Alonso could have done anything about it! Cheers for clearing the cobwebs off my tired old mind!!!
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  14. the drs only shuts wen u press the break so if ur going threw a drs zone then wen it comes to break it will close but if u dont press the break and just let it free wheel round the corner it will stay open thats why all of the drs zones finish at a corner
  15. its because your avatar is a prancing donkey ;) and youre driving a ferrari powered car ;)
  16. yeah in the YDT sessions it says drs will close if you push the drs button for a second time or if you brake. but as far as i know, like jonathan said, in real life it is closed if you are not on the throttle more than 90%.
  17. I'm not sure how you managed to set a faster lap using only your engine and transmission to slow the car, let alone not blow either of them. I'm going to try this later. Very skeptical about setting a fast lap using this strategy. But we'll see.
  18. I didn't say I set a faster lap without braking :)
    I thought de drs should close at the end of the drs zone. But I was wrong :p
  19. the DRS closes by braking or close it ,manually, and its not a glitch.
  20. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Member Premium Member

    DRS closes in a few situations.

    1: You have to touch the brakes to close it, lifting to 0% still leaves it on.
    2: You run off track and the game automatically brakes for you to slow you down on the grass/gravel/tarmac because Codies couldn't be bothered to add a proper mechanic for other materials.
    3: You go through Eau Rouge or the Monaco tunnel. Oh Yes, Codies didn't bother removing that either.