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Back end of car missing

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Liam Carbin, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I've recently created my own paint skin for the Williams car, however I have noticed that now the back end of the car is missing.
    Is this due to something I did whilst painting?


  2. Yes, obviously, i advice you to replace your back-up of the original file in the folder again ( I hope you made a back-up..)
  3. Is your skin for Williams uploaded in here?
  4. I did make a backup yes. Shall put that back in the game folder and try again with my skin.

    No it isn't, I just made it to have a go at repaints and see how it works.
  5. I miss something.You want to restore your backup in the game right? Then how you will try again your skin if it's gonna be the original skin ? You mean again replacing with your mode skin? I don't get it buddy.
  6. You may want to just try painting the whole car black or something at first, to make sure it works.
  7. Did you follow the Car Texture edition tutorial?
  8. Sorry for the confusion. Nope I dont want to restore it. I was just wondering why my back end was missing :tongue:

    Thanks will try that, do you think it may have been caused because I painted on the actual "background" as photoshop calls it and not a new layer? ( I did use some new layers but I did also paint on the "background" )

    yes I did, however I got errors trying to save as a DDS with Nvidia plugin. So I saved it as a PNG and then used a programe called DXTBMP ( Programe I use for saving repaint textures for Flight Sim) to save it as a DDS.
  9. what error were you getting with the nvidia plugin? you might not be setting things correctly?

    From my limited knowledge DDS files are tricky.
  10. It just says " there was an error" with an ok button. It doesnt explain what the error is. I looked it up last night and thats what got me saving as a png first.