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B-Spec Remote Racing Widget

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ross Garland, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. A guy named Ricky Romero has designed a handy little automation tool for those that use GT5s remote racing feature. Once activated (on your PC), it will automatically use the settings you provide to run remote races without any further input from you whatsoever.

    You can set which of your drivers should be used and when, as well as specifying which of your friends to select drivers from to make up the field. There's even a 'reciprocate' option to ensure those using your drivers have the favour repaid. There's a number of other options too, but it's all pretty self-explanatory.

    In order to use this little app you will need Yahoo Widgets. (You do not need a Yahoo account to use it.) Then you will need to download the widget itself from here. Extract the file, double click to install, and you're away.

    Enjoy. :)


  2. Isn't that a form of cheating Ross ????
    That's basically the same as macro grinding and from my previous experience on MMO's...thats pretty much fround upon.
  3. How is it cheating? It uses the internet to select a race, choose some drivers, and send the info to your PS3. You do exactly the same thing with your browser. You are gaining no particular advantage using this app other than not having to stop what you're doing every 20 minutes to start a new race.

    MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online game. There are reasons automated griding is banned from that type of game, and I agree with them. However, those 'rules' do not apply to GT5s remote racing because it is not multiplayer and has zero affect on anyone elses gaming experience.
  4. That's pretty awesome.. I wish we could run off PD servers instead of leaving the PS3 booted up, and then have the remote races downloaded when we log in.

    Kind of like the drivers coming in for a de-brief. ;)
  5. I have just downloaded yahoo gadgets and now the little gadget for spec like u said above.. When it's all installed and I want to run it, it asks me for a username and password!? Any idea what username and password I'm meant to be entering? Do I have to create 1 somewhere.Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  6. And this is for gt5 on the playstation?
  7. Of course. Does the PSP version even have remote racing?
  8. I had no idea this even existed. As I've indicated in other posts, I hadn't played GT5 very much in recent months. I hit a point back at the start of the year where I had won everything I could with the cars I had, and spent all my credits on those cars. While I've been busy lately getting back into it, I wish I had known about this before! Should help me get my hands on the P330 sooner than I expected...
  9. I bought one last week. Very nice car and fun to drive. Just one more to go and all the mega-value cars are mine.
  10. One quick (possibly stupid) question about this - if my PSN buddies drivers are taking part in my remote races, is it win-win for everyone? I've seen your drivers in some of my races, so will your guys be picking up XP and ££'s as well?
  11. Yep, that's right. Running remote races actually benefits your friends more than you. Up to six of their drivers can take part in your race, whereas you are limited to just one. You have to hope that they return the favour, which they generally do. :)
  12. OK thanks. Better check your drivers' rewards then! :cool:
  13. You too, as I'll be adding you to the 'always use' list. :) Just waiting for the widget to update as you're not showing up yet. (GT5s servers lag behind by days sometimes)
  14. Thanks very much, I've stuck you on my 'always use' list as well. I've only started mucking about with B-spec today when I realised it was a potential cash-cow, so I only have a handful of low level drivers at the moment. I fully intend to leave it running as often as I can though.