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Ayrton Senna Conspiracy

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dux, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Dux


    After watching the movie for 5th time or 6th i don't know, this time with my friends, introducing them to Senna, we started talking about, if there was possibility of consipiracy.

    There are many, many interesting aspects to his story and events surrounding his death.

    I would love to know why....mean like, who did he piss off?! He had a long running rivalry with his own teammate as we already know very well and the issues Senna had with FIA president Balestre, who knows. The FIA seemed to have it in for him though.

    Racing enthusiasts generally concur that crashes like senna's fatal one just should not happen. they say Senna's steering definitely and suddenly failed and was completely unresponsive (conveniently on one of the fastest corners, where there is a wall very close to the outside). He went straight into the wall at 130mph .

    It was a freak accident which left no single bone in his body broken, but he died from head injuries caused by 'head hitting headrest' and, from what I can tell...2 seperate pieces of debris (namely piece of wheel upright and a tie rod) piercing his helmet and visor..?

    Someone else died at the start of that racing weekend (initials RR) and Senna was so concerned he climbed a safety fence and 'commandeered' an inspectors vehicle to view the crash site. Did he have in inkling something wasnt right...?
    Senna carried the flag of this man's nation, in his honour...

    Before this weekend, no-one had died in F1 for 12 years (before this they averaged one every couple of years). Safety standards had improved dramatically (but also all electronic...and controllable right?)

    The race was the 3rd of the season, after his home country Brazil...and the first race of the season to be held inEurope. Seems it could be a statement to me....

    The race was also on May day.....1st May 1994

    Senna was a master driver and it seems they used a variety of methods to make sure the job would be done. His front left tire was flat, the steering failed (and perhaps even the brakes?)....and a crash which broke no bone in his body ended up killing him (instantly?).

    The black box from the car 'went missing', and was then retrieved but minus the crucial telemetry data!

    Court cases ensued for eleven years, as too many people could see something was not right. Medical and F1 staff conspired to keep Senna's (and RR's) status a secret until the race was finished (as to avoid certain Italian laws and remove evidence imo).

    I think there could have been something inside Senna's helmet which caused his death. Some say he died instantly, and there was so much blood running down his neck that it filled up the foot well.
    The type of head injury which killed both drivers I believe, is usually consistant with instant deaths - going against the official verdict.
    Its possible they did the public resuscitation thing for all the cameras, and then whisked him away after they got their photo op.

    I have watched thousands of hours of video footage of Senna and movie itself and the others for over 5 times if not more and i have never went with my thoughts as my friends yesterday who barely understand F1 and knew Senna (now they are hypnotized by him) they said "its a clear set up" and i started wondering...i had my own suspicions but i thought it would be impossible or i just don't wanna think of something that much disgusting....

    I would like to hear whatever opinion you have on this subject.
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  3. Dux


    quite an opinion
  4. so you are saying that Senna could have been murdered? and if that is true then the murderer is absolutely Sick and i say lets waste that d***!!!
  5. Dux


    it's clearly that no one can do anything about it :) just ... considering the options, who can know what has been done.

    This is a site i come each day several times because i find very fine people with great understanding of the motosport in general, so, those 2 mechanics that went into the garage and took those black boxes although it was forbidden to anyone to enter that area, to me is little weird and i am wondering what you think of it, btw like i said in the text i have never thought of this version of the event until these "naive" friends of mine find it too weird to be just an accident/failure of the car, which is quite reasonable to think of it...i assume
  6. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

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  7. Dux


    i had it from the forum bro, there is nothing that can be twisted, its the same story, events have happened facts remain the same, why losing time on writing anything else that has the same purpose :D :cool:

  8. This is all that came to mind.
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  9. Dux


  10. Its one thing to talk about dodgy mechanic practices done by the team, and mishandling of the aftermath of the accident both by race officials and court proceedings, but its absolutely another thing to say there was foul play involved.

    Its funny really, some guy on the internet always knows better than those directly involved, including the mans family.
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  11. Dux


    i agree on that and i do think that is not possible for people like us to know more than them, its stupid & funny to think that way, but i just wonder WHY they would go and take those b.boxes its just weird! About the courts and everything else, with the last words in April 2007 nothing else can be said.

    I do not think that it was set up but either, but i mean, who knows right ?
  12. Dux


    I do not think that it was set up either, but i mean, who knows right ? *
  13. Black box has been altered, there is no doubt about that. It has been given to Williams staff against regulations before italian police got it, so presumably Newey and Head would have ended in the jail.
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  14. well sue them
  15. I don't care.
  16. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    A number of things wrong with your "theory" here:

    -Mosley was in charge of the FIA in 1993. He was particularly fond of Ayrton.

    -'No bone in his body was broken' APART from the massive compression fracture in his skull, which left him brain-dead.

    -The black box didn't go missing. Williams retrieved it straight away, with the permission of the FIA, before the Italian authorities seized the car.

    -'No telemetry present' 100% wrong. Patrick Head has referred to the telemetry on numerous occasions.

    -'Car went straight on' wrong. The car bottomed out severely, causing oversteer. The TELEMTRY showed that Senna reduced throttle by 50% and went to full opposite lock, before applying brakes several seconds before impact. It's at the point of opposite lock that the steering column is believed to have failed.

    Not much of a conspiracy theory left in my opinion...
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  17. Dux


    i knew all of it except that Mosley was fond of Ayrton, thing i didn't knew, i never met, not that i dispute over it, thanks for letting me know

    about the other things i know all of it, the car touched the ground with the plate, causing no downforce, which can cause the car to be disabled of controlling, and the bumps where its believed that the steering wheel broke. I am not sure that touching and no downforce cause him to go straight forward, since the previous lap touching was more severe due to the cold tires he had, it was the steering column that broke and he flew just straight forward, that moment when he saw the wheel that something is wrong. :/

    From the videos i have seen, its said that the car had problems even before, when it comes to "steering to slide" as they say, Williams team said, that he tried that, which clearly he didn't cause he couldnt control the wheels, since the steering column broke while he was in the mid corner i believe. Whatever happened that doesn't said that it was some conspiracy, but about the black boxes and Hills car just perfect, although each driver sets his car to his likes :/ its such a tragedy that while he was going for most speed sets of the car and perfectionist like he was, that cause him to go too far and, happened what happened.
  18. I've read about this before. You're definitely not the only one.

    Bud sadly I would disagree - I don't believe he was murdered/it was on purpose.... Something would of come up by now.
  19. Nobody had enough motivation to kill him, in my opinion.
  20. Dux


    i too never thought of that, but you know how they say about kids...their honest love honest talk you know? So when friends of mine for the first time saw the movie, although i told them like "that thing could never happen" they said to me: "why not? he was all the time against the system of f1, all the time like someone wanted him out of the way of prost" etc etc
    So yeah, maybe not fully but for some part they were indeed right, with the given things/events that were ongoing in the movie i dare myself to write (although copied), for some stupid, for some yet interesting topic on which it might be worthwhile to think of it, and yet maybe it would be stupid. I either dont think he was killed that will put F1 in too much danger, and maybe they never let that happen knowing the consequences, who can know, many courts were taken and they proved on several times and no guilty was found.