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Seasons Ayrton Senna 1987 Lotus 2.0

1987 Senna Lotus mod

  1. Ayrton379 submitted a new resource:

    F1 2013-Ayrton Senna 1987 Lotus - 1987 Senna Lotus mod

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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Nice :)

    Bear in mind that the Helmet was designed by ML2166, not Tom.

    Tom just re-released it for F1 2013 with ML2166's permission. :)
  3. Yes, sorry, I know noticed it. Feel free to delete the mod, if I cannot have permission from ML2166. I used helmet and made little customization on the helmet file with also gloves and shoes, that I think ML2166 has created too. I found 2 different version. All the rest is my customization. Thanks for let me know.
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I don't want to remove the mod, it looks brilliant :)

    I just wanted to remind you that it's ML2166 helmet, so that he gets the credit, which you have done now. :)

    You could always message him to check that he is OK with it, I think he will be ....

    I love the helmet and have been using it since he released it :thumbsup:
  5. The helmet design of ML2166 is just perfect. I'd like to know if any of you know if it's possible to change the music and bnk files, or assign custom voices in classic races.
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

  7. ħey this looks awesome, but how can I delete Nakajima and keep Hakkinen please ? I believe in general people would rather keep Hakkinen than Nakajima
  8. nice one! you beat me to it lol only cus mine is on hold as I used the 98t chassis and not the 100t.
  9. I've done 2 mods in the past for Codemaster game. With F1 2013 and classic content, this game has got more interest among modders and f1 lovers. I've seen your great work and the other mods, hoping to not make a duplicate while making this mod. I started about 1 week ago, but as you said, the 98t chassis is of course the best for a 1987 replica. I saved some time using the 1988 livery. The main problem with the lotus t100 is that you cannot make some decals because it's hard to find the right spot.

    If you want feel free to use some of my mod elements to finish your work.
  10. I know Nakajma is bad :) But I wanted to keep the original drivers for team lotus in 1987 season. Modding requires some time, but with the tools is easy to replace files and database, you can switch Senna with Nakajima and keep Hakkinen if you want.
  11. Very nice mod!

    Good to see more people doing the classics!:thumbsup:
  12. Thanks mate! I've designed some circuits for Mini Racing Online and I like very much Classic F1, I think when Codemasters will make new DLC with even more content this game can be pretty good.
  13. Have you heard Codies making new DLC...?
  14. No, but I hope to see more classic tracks. If they cannot have permission for Senna and McLaren at least I really like to see other old tracks, especially some street circuits like Phoenix or Long Beach or Detroit, would be awesome!
  15. Sorry to burst your bubble so to speak but, I asked Steve Hood on Twitter and he confirmed to me that there will be no more DLC for F1 2013.
    When I asked why, he plainly said they are now concentrating on F1 2014.

    Unfortunate but true.
  16. Please make one where Senna replaces Nakajima not Häkkinen, please :( I have no idea how to do it myself so would be highly appreciated.
  17. Unfortunately there is no chance to extract and repack audio, bnk and nfs files etc...
    any advice is appreciated.
  18. If you use Ryder tools it's easy. And in the car livery you need to put number 12 on the right part...
  19. Good job on the Senna update but I don't think he was with Lotus when the 100T raced. He went to McLaren after the 99T. Can someone confirm??
  20. In fact the mod is 1987 :) I wasn't able to change the year in the menu, the one where you choose the cars. If someone knows how to do it, PM me. An update will be out soon, correcting some bugs and adding some decals.
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