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Awesome tutorial!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by _brawler_, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. basically using an iphone you can drive, iphone with log your path and then export into google and export into btb, it is so accurate!

  2. I need to get an iPhone. Thats was awsome.
  3. its awesome!
  4. I could not see what's the difference beteween that and simply use a well-known GPS (Garmin, ie) method.
  5. i think it may be because it records elevation aswell, im not sure if the others do too.
  6. I have an iPhone (3G). The app is called iTrail and it is $2.99.

    I will give this a try soon. I would much rather use a regular gps. Keep in mind that I'm pretty sure the iPhone (3G) does not have an altimeter. So, I guess you export to Google Maps, get the data from there...and then export to kml?
  7. I'm pretty sure it would get the elevation data from the satellite triangulation.
    I use a PSP to record my data & it records elevation from the satellite data as well.
    Although it's not as accurate as I would like, it's not too bad.
    Better than the Google method anyway.
  8. I don´t belive, that GPS in a tunnel work ^^. So i´m waiting of a real test of BTB user.

  9. I have used a WindowsCE based PDA with COMPEGPS mobile installed (http://www.compegps.com/?detail=detail&opcion=1&lang=0en&prod=4), then with a GPS system I ride the track and recorded it.
    Next, exported to CompeGPS to my PC (http://www.compegps.com/?detail=detail&opcion=1&lang=0en&prod=0) and exported the *.kmz track with altitudes (YEP ERIC, obtained by satellite triangulation, but surely better than google method and filling the altitudes with orthographic maps with 90 metres resolutions).
    Went to Google earth, loaded my kmz and checked, then saved the *.kml (you can open the *kmz file with a zip archiver and extract the kml file too).
    Imported the kml file to BTB and done!

    EDIT: If you have a kml file, you can import it to compegps and with a GPS connected to the PC you can "fill" the altitudes with satellites triangluation without moving from your chair!

    Surely, the video miss the work you have to do on the track nodes. It is IMPOSSIBLE the author imported a "ready to work" track IMHO!