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/// Autosport Enhanced ForceFeedback MOD 1.0

Better config for ForceFeedback.

  1. smarteck submitted a new resource:

    /// Autosport Enhanced ForceFeedback MOD. - Better config for ForceFeedback.

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  2. Awesome, thanks!
  3. Any feedback from wheel user ??
  4. Luis Junior

    Luis Junior

    I copied the GRID2 AI and Force Feedback into Grid Autosport, and it is Great to say the least! AI from Grid1 doesn't work!
    Try and enjoy!
  5. is this a joke ... adding a forcefeedback mod that is tested on a gamepad :D if you cant see the irony yourself something is hopelessly wrong mister. Forcefeedback .. on a joypad COME ON!
  6. Luis Junior

    Luis Junior

  7. I add this to main post:

    Note: I test using the Xbox360 Gamepad and the vibration response is A LOT better. This was originally created for "Grid 1", I do not know if it was created for racing wheels, I do not have one to test.

    I just wanted to share something that enhances the feeling about the response that engines inside the controller sent when we play.

    Also I search about the "Force-Feedback" term, and is not only used for Racing Wheels, is refers to the operation of the engines in the interior of any game controller, gamepad or Racing wheels.

    Saludos ;)

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  8. Well, I felt improved/stronger FFB and liked it better than the original.

    THANKS Smarteck
  9. Well fair enough :) - excuse my bluntness :D i just sounded a little odd!
  10. It is ok... maybe if did not give good results with your wheel, then sorry for having created a false expectation.

    The new explanatory note should prevent future misunderstandings for other users.

    Saludos. :thumbsup:

  11. Cool! :D