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Autosim Analyzer?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Kevin Pheiffer, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Hey guys
    Is there a program like Autosim Analyzer that works with GSC?
    If so, what do I have to change in my player file to get it to work? If anything.
    Really need some help on this ASAP.
    Thanks a lot.
  2. Autosim does appear to work with GSC log files. You just need to change the last two characters in the name of each log file. For example:
    2014_08_28_13_37_40-65Q1.xml should become
    2014_08_28_12_50_42-37R1.xml should become
    The same trick works with rFactor2 as well.
  3. Hi
    I have tried all sorts of things. This is what I get even if I enter the file Manually.
  4. Strange. Changing the names of the log files works for me.
    I notice you're using version 1.65, the latest version I know of is 1.69, perhaps that may be something to look at.
  5. You wouldn't perhaps know where I could get that version?
    Thanks a lot anyway.
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  6. It works now. (In a fashion)
    Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks for the link!:)