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Autosave Problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Is anyone else experiencing the Autosave bug? Whereby, you just can't save anything, and you can only progress as far as you get in one session of playing, and once you quit and reboot, everything that you just did is gone.

    So far, I've tried,
    - Restarting my career
    - Manually saving (which still doesn't save)

    Initially I thought it was caused because I edited the ai_vehicle_track for Melbourne, so I put the original file back in, but that hasn't worked either.

    Does anyone know of a solution? Or why this is caused?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. +1 me too, the same problem.
  3. +1 me too, the same problem
  4. Did you edit the database file? This is what happened in 10 and 11 after they were patched. Perhaps the game shipped with this.
  5. I've edited my database and still saves but I did have the autosave bug and I ended up having to create a new profile in order for it start saving again. Editing the database does not cause it to stop saving. its something in the game itself
  6. Sun


    I had this problem just then, after Monaco the game wont save and I can't save, So I created a new profile and hopefully it won't happen again..
  7. I have this problem too...
    After Bahrain GP game won't save any progress automatically and manually
    I didn't edit database file
    How to fix it without creating a new profile?
  8. Any ideas as to what causes it?
  9. Sun


    Do you guys know where the save game is located?

  10. I think save located in
    but i don't sure...
  11. Yes. I'm struggling with this too. I just posted the below on the Codies Forum looking for an answer, so far, nothing...

    Hi all,

    Just curious to know if there is some kind of problem with quick race saving? The problem I have is that I do practice and qualifying. I quit out (because I might want to do the race later). If I go back into quick race WITHOUT LEAVING THE GAME and choose continue event, it will take me to the garage before the race. Perfect. However, as soon as I QUIT OUT OF THE GAME, come back in and go to quick race and choose to continue event, sadly, it goes to practice and I've lost my qualifying effort [​IMG] I can't seem to find a way around it and I've lost 2 qualifying efforts trying to find a solution. Does anyone have a way around this? It'll be lame if I have to leave the game running until I want to do the race so my quali effort is saved.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. I fixed this problem!
    After creating new prolife and completing young test driving sessions I was restart game and load old profile. And autosave has worked again!
  13. Tried that, didn't work for me, however, the new profile autosaves fine, the old one doesn't still. I have worked out that the profile lives here...


    ...and there are 15 files associated with your profile (all files named savegame@profile0______, for a 2nd profile, the 15 files will be savegame@profile1______, etc). I tried re-numbering the profiles (made the old profile '0' and the new one '1'), didn't work, and I'm not smart enough to work out much beyond that. But hopefully this can help people get started in the right direction. Really want to try and get this sorted...
  14. And so it begins..... don't worry, hopefully 2013 won't have this bug :)
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  15. That's the spirit! :roflmao:
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  16. Its the CM way soldier!! Come on, last years game had it, this years DEMO had it, so its a FEATURE guys, adding to the spice of 'living the life' of an F1 driver, you know how they often have to rerun a race numerous times and all that :D
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  17. Savegame bugs are in the game since the 2010 version and are well known so why the hell they are still in the 2012 version? The game is useless when the career progress is not saved or the saison challenge starts from the beginning some time.
    I just finished the 5th race in the saison challenge and beat the rival, even got a trophy in steam for the 25k mark. Then I exited the game, re-started it 10 minutes later and what? I am back at race 3 with 12k points..
    same with time-attack, champions mode and the career itself. I got the steam trophys that I completed the champions mode and after re-starting the game I am back at challenge 1 - this is redicolous! Time attack I completed every challenge and after re-starting the game only 2 of the 6 challenges have a trophy so I have to do every other track again and again. Just tried another time the saison challenge, again till challenge 5, then saved the game manually and waited for an autosave. But I still go back to challenging race nr 3 again and again.
  18. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I fixed mine, but I'm not sure if the bug will come back again after Practise at Sepang. That's where it happened to me last time.

    What I did was:
    - Open steam, right click on f1 2012
    - go down and click on Properties
    - then click on the Updates tab.
    - and untick "Enable steam cloud synchronization for F1 2012"
    - Then go into the C: drive and go to the steam file.
    - Open "User Data"
    - then open the folder in there, then
    - open the folder 208500
    - remote
    - and then delete either "savegame@profile0#gtehxosjz_0" or "savegame@profile0#gtehxosjz_1" Doesnt matter which one.

    Then boot the game. And set you your profile and what not.
    Then exit the game and go back into steam and retick the "Enable steam cloud synchronization for f1 2012"

    And that fixed it for me. However I'm too afraid to advance too much further in career out of fear it will stop saving again. Lol

    Hopefully they can fix it with a patch if this method doesn't fix it. Because it fixed for me permanently in the demo.
  19. you really hope they can fix that in a patch? this savegame bug is in the game since the first release of F1 2010 and they did not fixed it. I will try your way now to look if I can save my profile now..

    Edit: Tried but the game now says that my profile is corrupted and I have to start a new career aufter deleting this file in the steam folder?!
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  20. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Oh yeah. Lol. Forgot to mention that you'll have to start a new career. But, once you've done that then it's fixed. But again, I don't know how long it will last. People have been having different results.