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Tracks Autopolis (Spring and Fall versions) 2.1

Autopolis for GSCEx

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  1. Great track, although i think it would look better if alot of the fake NFS banners were removed but thats my personal opinion.
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  2. Very enjoyable flow of the track. One of the best mod tracks available on RD. :thumbsup:
    Personally i find the banners have a positive effect on the atmosphere here and enhance the visual fidelity of the track, even if they happen to be fake.
    Great job, Patrick. :thumbsup:
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  3. Thank you Jan. It took some efforts :). I have used a sat map and videos to position all the trees, when the terrain allowed It. I have also redo pit texturing to match some onboard videos (not sure It is still like in game nowadays but I did not find many sources to work). Gravel traps were a little nightmare but now it is ok.
    Anyway, it is a really interesting track.
  5. Thanks Patrick. Great Job. :thumbsup: I love this Track. Great flow. But i miss all the trees close to the track ? (from your first "beta" version, like it a bit more ;))
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  6. This track needs to be added on Assetto Corsa - nevertheless - a great addition to GSCEx =w=d

    And yeah - would be nice if the track has a matching real life sponsor banners instead.
  7. It already exists on every games, including AC. But I dont know who did them.
  8. These trees have been deleted because I did not find them in real videos
  9. I need help. I don't know why but some tracks simply don't work in my game. Autopolis, Hockenhein 1990, Sebring and others. Is there any specific folder I must have to run these tracks? Thanks in advance.
  10. No. Just extract in Locations.
    What is the error ?
  11. When appear the main page of loading the track simply doesn't load. If I click "enter", the game turns off. Sometimes it happens when a new version is released.
  12. Try ctrl+alt+del to see what happens.

    Possible that an extra mod does some problem.
  13. Cesar, I think you have loose shader files in your "Shared" folder. Look in this "Shared" folder and remove all files except for coreshaders.mas.

    When your game locks up... try to ALT - TAB to return to the desktop. You should find an error message that will give a clue to solve the problem. Some times the message is hidden, if and you may need to ALT - TAB again a few times to see the message.

    Give this a try and let us know if you sort it out.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2015
  14. I have this effekt with incompatible old tracks or i have an incorrekt path parameter in the *.scn file (trackfolder: Autopolis/Autopolisfalls ... as a example)
    I like to change the folder tree. Is it not correct, the track will not load and -> enter, game turns off, not always, but sometimes.

    Try it.
  15. When I press ALT + TAB, this message appears. What I have to do?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2015
  16. Another example. 20150911_105402.jpg mple.
  17. Hummm... I wonder if you have all of the track data files installed. It is possible that you didn't install the mod track correctly. Can you show a picture of the file explore window for your problem track folders.
  18. I am sure it is in the track. Can you try to download it again please?

    EDIT : As greg says, possible wrong install
  19. I deleted, downloaded again and installed but the problem keeps the same. Autopolis folders. 20150911_114452.jpg 20150911_114540.jpg 20150911_114555.jpg