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Featured Automobilista Version 0.8.9r Released

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Automobilista Update 1.jpg
    Following a recent copyright claim and the correlating glorious return to Steam Reiza Studios have released the latest patch to Early Access title Automobilista Motorsport Simulator bringing the title to version EA 0.8.8r.

    The latest update for the popular game contains a number of new fictional skins across a range of its open wheel content alongside updated AI and sounds for some cars. Of particular interest to many online racers, is the new attempt to fix a frustrating controller bug that causes occasional loss of wheel functionality for some players.

    Automobillista continues in the Steam Early Access program while Reiza build up the title prior to a full version 1 launch in the coming weeks.

    Build v0.8.9r Changelog:

    • Added new controller / FFB recovery mechanism in attempt to rectify occasional loss of functionality in between sessions
    • Added extra information & reprofiled dashboard displays to better represent real counterparts (for Lancer Cup, Marcas, F-Extreme, Metalmoro MR18 - remaining cars to be updated in the following update)
    • Repainted skins for several fictional series
    • Goiania: Updated AI
    • Marcas: Updated external sounds

    Don't forget to keep an eye out right here on RaceDepartment for all the latest news and discussion around AMS alongside an often packed Club Racing scene and active mods section.

    How is AMS feeling after the latest update? Happy with progress so far? Has the controller issue been resolved for you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Looking forward to testing though not tonight sadly. Some day the fellas are going to tell us how to pronounce these track names.
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  3. OK, here we go:

    Interlagos = Inter-lah-goes (“between lakes”; official F1 circuit in the city of São Paulo)
    Brasilia = Brazil-ee-ah (“one who comes from Brazilian lands”, Brazilian capital. While driving around the track, which is located near the city center, you can see one of the buildings designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer)
    Jacarepagua = Jah-kah-ray-pah-gwah (Indian name, “low lagoon with crocodiles”. The circuit, located in Rio de Janeiro, used to host Indycar races - thus the oval variation - and its official name is Nelson Piquet International Circuit, after the Brazilian F1 champion - yes, Grasshopper, there were others before Senna)
    Floripa = Flow-ree-pah (short for Florianopolis, “city of Floriano”, a Brazilian president in the 19th century; located in the city of the same name, capital of Santa Catarina state)
    Granja Viana = Gran-jah Vee-an-ah (“Viana farm”, official name Ayrton Senna Karting Circuit, also in São Paulo)
    Campo Grande = Kan-pow Gran-deh (“big field”)
    Caruaru = Kah-roo-ah-roo (Indian name, “land of plenty”)
    Cascavel = Kass-kah-vehl (“rattlesnake”)
    Curitiba = Koo-ree-tee-bah (Indian name, “land of pine trees”)
    Goiania = Go-eean-ee-ah (Indian name, “land with plenty of water”)
    Guapore = Gwa-poh-reh (Indian name, “field with waterfall”)
    Londrina = Lon-dree-nah (“from London”, because the original land owners were British)
    Ribeirão Preto = Ree-bei-roun Pray-tow (“black creek”)
    Salvador = Sal-vah-dower (“Savior”)
    Santa Cruz do Sul = San-tah Crews doh Sool (“holy Southern cross”)
    Taruma = Tah-rue-man (Indian name, “dark winemaking fruit”, also the name of a tree)

    Before this little exercise, I had never actually realized Brazil had so many cities with centuries-old Indian names, mostly geographic references. One is always learning... :)
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  4. Dave_6


    Which track is that in the header pic?
  5. Kyalami (Johannesburg Historic)
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  6. I have problem running AMS after this update.
    Game crashes after entering pit screen on any track with any car.

    "Runtime Error
    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application"s support team for more informatiom"

    Help needed please.

    I got it working now, It was the spotter app I had installed. Uninstalled it and now everything is peachy.
    Thanks people.
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  7. Just updated the game and wanted to try the v10. Right away came across this:
    - The opponent sounds are clipping terribly
    - Cannot change tires
    - Using Launch Control sets the game to Auto Upshift regardless of settings and choices
    - Restart the race a couple of times breaks the race format, and the start becomes a rolling start
    - AI can be very wild and try to fit in the same space, mad swings from the cars going on and off track
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  8. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    are Reiza aware that the SuperV8 Tyres are cycling through their different textures endlessly, in the showroom and on track ?? hope this is a bug and not a way to hinder modding the tyres :sneaky:
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Actually that isn't really correct in Portuguese I think :) More like Cam-poo Gran-sjee. Just like Brazilian football commentators would say if it were a football player :)

    Caaaaampoo Gransjee Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
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  10. Tried it last night.
    All seem to be working fine so far. Need a bit more track time though.
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  11. well. im brazilian

    correct is Campo Grande = Kan-poh Gran-deh

    '' Cam-poo Gran-sjee''
    sounds like a gay in brazil hahahah
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  12. I'm Swedish, and it's "Can-poop Gran-dad".
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  13. xnorb


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  14. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    I thinks it depends where in Brazil.... a carioca from Rio would say more Campo Graandschee.... in the south they would say more like Campo Grande....
  15. Wow! The wonder of search engines!

    I'd say both Kan-poh Gran-deh and Cam-poo Gran-sjee are correct. The first is how it is said in the Southern part of Brazil (and therefore how the guys at Reiza might say it), the second is how it is said in some other regions. I've never been to Campo Grande, so I have no idea how campograndenses themselves pronounce their city's name, but arguably the teacher in the video would be the authoritative voice on this regard. BTW, it would be interesting if Reiza put up a short video showing all these exotic circuits to Eurocentric simracers...

    And now to more pressing matters. Gentlemen, turn on your engines!
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  16. Incase you'd still like to use the spotter just reinstall it. I had the same problem which was cured by reinstall. Spotter doesn't work properly with AMS though.
  17. I am also Brazilian and Kan-poh Gran-deh doesn't get the right phonetics in English ;).
    KHAN-po Grahn-djee.

  18. very complicated it haha
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    • 'Repainted skins for several fictional series'

      ...yep because FOM ****ed 'em up so they were sadly forced to repaint the 'F1 Skins' so you could hardly compare them to the real ones (for example: the 'Ferrari' is now orange instead of red).
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  19. @Tim Lundy
    You rated my post Angry????
    WTF? Not my fault the game works fine on my PC.