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Featured Automobilista: September Development Update

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Chris, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Reiza Studios have published this months development 'diary', to inform the wider public of their progress with Automobilista for the month of September, ahead of the highly anticipated 'Brit Pack' DLC and V1.1 release.

    Said Renato Simioni,

    Greetings folks :) Here´s our customary review of the work done in Automobilista development over the past month. We've been hard at it, both in the development of v1.1 update as well as production of the Brit Pack, both of which are expected for release at some point next week.

    V1.1 Development
    The major new feature for AMS v1.1 is the inclusion of Radio Spotter as developed by gongo . This had been a very popular addition to the sim and now with native integration Dan has been able to take it a step further with more info and better accuracy from your race engineer.

    Dan has also been doing some work to improve integration with the new Logitech drivers - v1.1 should hopefully see some proper support for their latest G29 / G920 wheels.

    On the graphics front, Alex Sawczuk and Sandro Kholodkevich have done some great work on new car shaders and materials. Below is a shot of the flashy Ultima GTR featuring these latest developments:
    Ultima GTR.jpg

    We also introduced a new AO (ambient occlusion) mapping technique with seamless textures, which result in both optimized use of textures as well as improved cockpit details. The improvements are very noticeable on the new cars as you can see in this tasty cockpit from the Ultima GTR Race version:

    Further good news is that performance not only has not been affected by these updates, but rather the continuing optimization work has led to some more previously troublesome cars to be now running smoother than ever in pretty much any respectable system (so long as you keep to the designated car count limit).

    A not so positive note is that Steam Achievements unfortunately will not quite make it in yet in v1.1; we´re not far away from finalising these but unfortunately developing the system & protection for the new content has kept Luis Miguelbusy for longer than we anticipated after v1.0 release.

    Brit Pack
    The core focus this past month has of course been finalizing the contents of the Brit Pack, our first DLC pack for Automobilista.

    This is actually a significant release for us and for those who have been with us for a while now as the Brit Pack will be the first time we´ll be charging long-time users for a new release since Game Stock Car 2013 came out back in September 2013! Fortunately we´re confident the Brit Pack (along with everything else that´s still to come for AMS) will justify that extra investment as the new content are some of the best stuff we have ever produced.

    On the track front, as is known we´ll be adding 3 British classics with Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park - these tracks were hand-picked due to their classic style and heritage and preserved natural flow which are so nicely suited for the rich british club racing scene we´re looking to sample in this pack. All tracks are officially licensed and extensively researched in loco (with the aid of laser scan data in the case of Brands and Oulton Park). They are also excellent venues to stretch the legs of other default cars, exception perhaps taking the more powerful cars around Cadwell unless you´re really looking for a test of reflexes and precision :D

    The cars were produced in close collaboration with the manufacturers and we´ve also had input from several of their respective real world drivers during development - this is a claim we hear all the time of course to the point it has become a tired sim racing cliche, the proof as always will be in the pudding and we´re very satisfied with how these new cars have turned out :)

    Beyond the data and the resulting accuracy of the models, fundamentally it all rides on the nature of what´s being simulated, and here is where we feel the Brit Pack will really shine - just glancing through some Youtube videos of these cars being driven on these tracks in anger should be enough to see the fun factor involved is off the charts :) These are all very different animals and tracks compared to the default content of AMS, and as such they add a whole new dimension to the sim. I´ll go out on a limb and say there will be at least one combo from this pack that will make towards the top of your list of favorite simracing experiences :)

    Here are some fresh previews of the new content:

    Ultima GTR (road & race versions)

    Formula Trainer (Novice & Advanced versions)

    MCR Sports 2000

    Here you can see Niels taking the MCR 2000 out for a spin:

    The Caterhams
    To begin with, we´ll be offering the 270R (with a race variant for Academy series), the 360R (with Superlight Series), along with the mental road version of the 620R, as per the preview below:

    There will be more variants though along with some optionals which we aim to add along with a new upgrades interface - unfortunately this feature won´t make it in time for v1.1 but the upgrades menu along with more optionals are sure additions for v1.2 within a month or so from now. In any case we´ll supply options for both left and right side driving seats for these Caterhams (also for the Ultimas).


    Future AMS DLC's
    Of course, the Brit Pack is not the end of the road for upcoming AMS content - it is in fact just the beginning!

    We have hinted before what´s coming down the road but haven´t quite gone into the specifics - in fact I can´t quite detail all the specifics for all DLC packs just yet, but for the sake of providing some relevant reference for those who have acquired or are considering buying the Season Pass, here are some preliminary info along with a few hints we can share to give you a better idea (please keep in mind the exact contents of each and the timelines may still be subject to some shuffling as we move forward).

    • October
      • Brit Pack
    • November
      • Legendary Tracks Part 1: Imola (1972, 1988, 2001, 2016 versions)
      • New Series - TBA (Hint: Big and Heavy)
    • December
      • New Series - TBA (Hint: Classic content)
    • January 2017
      • Legendary Tracks Part 2 - TBA (Hint: It's got a long historical variant)
    • February 2017
      • Car Pack from a major manufacturer - TBA (Hint: It's awesome)
    • March 2017
      • Legendary Tracks Part 3 - TBA (Hint: Not a permanent road course)
      • Aussie Racing Car

    As we progress we will naturally be detailing these packs further, but those will be topics for future dev updates - starting next month when I hope to be able to share some of the bigger things, both literally and figuratively :p

    Keep in mind that as more stuff is confirmed, prices for both the Season Pass on Steam & Membership pack here are bound to receive another upgrade - the sooner you get onboard, the more value you´ll get for your buck.

    Not forgetting that there are also a couple of free items still to be added to the base game, like Ibarra and a couple of dirt / mixed track courses before AMS development finally wraps at some point in Q1 2017.

    Worth reminding also that AMS Base Game is currently selling 20% off on Steam. As usual though the best prices for both base game as well as membership packs (including the DLC Season Pass) can be found in our forum store.

    That covers it for this month - now back to work to wrap that v1.1 & Brit Pack :)
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  2. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    Nice one. Very informative.
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  3. I can't wait to race Formula truck again in November. :D

    December 2016 - classic content...I think it's gonna be a tin top. Historic touring car?

    January 2017 - long historic legendary track pack - this screams Spa and Hockenheim. Quite possibly Rouen too. And maybe historic Monaco? Probably a 3-track pack DLC. Nurburgring and LeMans are also very long and historic tracks, but I don't think they will be in this pack.

    February 2017 - Car pack from major manufacturer - uh. Porsche? I have no idea. :p

    March 2017 - Legendary Tracks Part 3- Long Beach, Surfers Paradise, Macau?
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  4. These laser scan tracks feels awesome, very technical to drive! And what about does caterham's, they do look the business!!
  5. For reference with the hinted stuff, if the original DLC plan from several months back was still in play the schedule would be this.

    November: Formula Truck, Imola
    December: Divisao 3 (historic Brazilian touring cars, recommend a Google image for these)
    January: Hockenheim
    February: Group B Rally
    March: Pikes Peak, Aussie Racing Car

    However when I mentioned that list on the Reiza forums Renato just said "Plans change" so something in there isn't quite right. Maybe the Group B thing has been expanded into maybe a Peugeot, Ford or Audi pack? Maybe Pikes Peak is going to change to a street circuit (Long Beach or Surfers maybe?). Maybe Formula Truck is going to be a different truck racing series? Lot of possibilities there if you're into speculation.

    The best thing for me though is confirmation of more dirt tracks coming, Rallycross has felt abandoned since the initial beta release so it's nice to know that's being fixed.
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  6. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Brilliant news, taking about hitting a home run with Automobilista...Reiza Studios are the business:)
  7. These Formula Ford knock offs are legit. I've been doing a lot of laps in R3E's Formula Jr's lately and I have to say the Reiza version is in a whole different league. Just so much more "alive".

    I don't mean to turn this into a sim A vs sim B pissing match, I'm just trying to call it as I see it.​
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  8. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    If this above means that below, than my addiction with some other simulator could falls under a big question :).

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  9. I am shocked there is still no driver animation on the steering wheel...
  10. Disable the steering wheel.
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  11. Where did you see that ?
  12. MarcG


    First Post, 3rd Paragraph from the bottom :)
  13. Cheers, somehow overlooked that last bit.
    I think it wasn't there yet when I read the report on friday on their site...
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  14. DaVeX↯


    THIS IS PURE FUN!!!!Awesome car, I want more of them!!!
  15. Yeah that will solve the missing feature. Gj!
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  16. They said 2 dev updates ago the person who was working on the new driver model left the project.
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  17. Thank you for your helpful reply - I missed this bit of news. I really hope this long-overdue feature makes it at some point.
  18. Slightly off on timing though, it was 3 updates ago.

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  19. VR pretty please :whistling::inlove:
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  20. Tnx for the info. Didn't know that...I was wondering waht happened :)