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Featured Automobilista: July Development Update

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    AMS Vintage 4.jpg
    Reiza Studios have revealed more details regarding the future of popular racing simulation Automobilista in the July Development Update post detailed below.

    Automobilista has come a long way since its early access release on the Steam platform, and the guys and girls over at Reiza show no signs of slowing down with their continual push to bring the game to version 1 release standard. In July's development update, the studio reveal version 1 release is planned before the end of August as well as showing off preview images for the upcoming F-Vintage 1960's era open wheel racing series. The F-Vintage is planned for a free release as part of the version 1 update, with two vehicle and engine styles to be included.

    Following the recent update to version 0.9.8 and the glowing reviews received by the game, the July Development Update holds plenty of exciting information for fans to digest while we wait for version 1 release.

    You can read the latest Reiza Development Update in full below:

    This month´s dev update is coming out a bit late - we have indeed been running a bit later than planned, and as a result v1.0 release isn´t quite behind us yet as we´d hoped for in our June Development update.

    The good news is that the extra time has been put to good use, as even though a couple features have demanded a bit more time than we had anticipated, we have also used it to throw in some extra goodies into the v1.0 mix. Overall we have made some great progress again this month as you´ll hopefully notice as you read through this update, bringing us very close to v1.0 release and also to what´s coming beyond :)

    Here are the main highlights from this past month:

    V0.9.8 Release

    A couple of weeks back we released AMS EA v0.9.8, which introduced some very nice FFB updates, along with the cool new indoor / outdoor Speedland kart circuit:

    AMS Speedland Track.jpg

    We are very pleased with these recent FFB developments, and believe they have provided a significant all-around step forward to the sim. If you haven´t tried AMS lately we strongly recommend you give it a go - your old favorites should feel better than ever, and it might even be worth checking out the cars you were not too fond of before, as the latest developments might help change that perception :)

    V1.0 release coming up

    We´ll be dropping out of our usual EA release schedule by not releasing a new EA update this friday, as all efforts are now concentrated towards wrapping v1.0 for an early august release. In the changelog attatched to this post you can see the latest changelog for the v0.9.9 build which is hitting Beta this friday. We are pushing to add to this list by introducing a couple of extra features along with some further polishing before wrap-up time.

    On the content side, our biggest addition will be the F-Vintage, our own "GPL" celebration of that heroic era in motorsports.

    AMS Vintage 1.jpg

    As it had been outlined in our AMS dev roadmap, the original plan was to do a single car based off a 1967 spec, V12 powered GP car, however we couldn´t resist spicing things up a bit by adding some diversity to the field, so we created an alternative version of the car by bolting a DFV V8 engine in place of the V12. Sandro Kholodkevich has put together a couple of renders so you can check both variants in all its glorious details:

    AMS Vintage 2.jpg AMS Vintage 3.jpg

    The late 1960s was of course also a very significant time in racing due to the "discovery" of downforce - we decided to explore that too by creating a low-winged, "1969" season of F-Vintages:

    AMS Vintage 4.jpg

    We are specially pleased with how the F-Vintage is turning out and fully expect the free addition of these beasts to be one of the main highlights in the upcoming v1.0 release. As usual campaign backers and Reiza members will be able to enjoy an advance peek of the Vintages along with the other developments set to hit AMS Beta this friday.

    On the track front, the biggest additions in v1.0 will be the inclusion of several extra layouts to existing tracks, the biggest one being the "long" 7km version of Mendig by @ilka , which exits the airport to travel through the nearby village roads:

    AMS Mendig 6.jpg

    On the physics front, we´re working on the development of a brand new ECU model as conceived by NielsHeusinkveld and developed by Luis Miguel, which should provide a lot of important enhancements. So far, we've made considerable improvements to the way engine torque is generated as you 'roll on' the throttle, simulating the more advanced "throttle mapping" techniques from modern ECUs. Most noticeable in modern high powered cars, basically this will translate into more control when powering out of turns, as it will be easier to find the throttle position where you get the best acceleration without lighting up the tires in wheelspin. Your throttle 'technique' may need some adjusting though as the engine responds more directly at smaller throttle inputs.

    The new model also allows us to do a few modern computerized engine control tricks such as changing power levels and engine braking for each gear. With the Formula Extreme up to v0.9.8 for example it is very tricky putting 900hp to the ground in 1st and 2nd gear, as you can very easily be turning half of that into white smoke. By limiting the engine power, it will be easier to optimize power delivery.

    Engine braking can also have quite a disturbing effect on the balance of the car - this is specially so as you go down the gears, because the gearing amplifies the engine braking the more you downshift. The new model allows us to reduce engine braking in low gears so the rear end is less likely to lock as you're downshifting and entering a turn.

    This is all 'passive', not traction control so naturally you´ll still spin the tires by giving it too much throttle, but it may only happen at 70% throttle instead of 35% throttle which should be a big driveability improvement for the more powerful cars - a case of the sim becoming easier as models are developed to be more realistic.

    We are pushing to have at least the throttle mapping side of the new ECU mode ready in time for v1.0 release.

    There has also been some solid development to the VX Portal, and we´re hoping Dave Stephenson will manage to deploy a new build for it this friday, including multiplayer Lobby integration, which beyond the ease of use of being able to launch multiplayer sessions from your browser should open some interesting possibilities moving forward.

    DLC Development

    Things continue to progress nicely in the DLC front - Brands Hatch is now nearly complete and the team is well advanced with Cadwell Park.

    During our Cadwell recon trip Alex Sawczuk trialed a new method of surveying race tracks for increased accuracy. We used a digital level to take camber and elevation measurements at set points around the trace track and then using that data calculate the elevation changes. This allows us to get an accurate profile for the track, as well as its camber changes. We have also been using a laser measure along with good old basic tape to make all the key measurements, which coupled with Alex´s usual meticulous precision have led to some pretty hard to fault road modelling:

    AMS Road Map 7.png

    Joradson Rodrigues has also been doing some quality work in texture development for Cadwell as you can see in the preview below:

    AMS Curbs 8.jpg

    The cars are also coming along nicely - our audio man domago Lovric has added the soul to the Ultima GTR with yet another lovely sound set of its throaty Chevy LS7 V8 - check out an in-game preview:

    Along with the road version of the Ultima GTR, we are also developing its race-prepped version, here is a preview of its cockpit (will feature both right and left-hand options):

    AMS Ultima Cockpit 9.jpg

    Both Ultima GTR and MCR Sports 2000 will soon be joined by a variety of Caterham models which had also been previously confirmed to be part of the Brit Pack - unlike previously announced though the Brit Pack won´t be restricted to these 3 new classes of vehicles, as another bonus car has been added to the list - watch this space!

    We´re pushing to have these initial items of the Brit Pack available before the end of august, with beta a couple of weeks earlier.

    Imola confirmed!
    We´re very happy to confirm official licensing of the legendary Enzo & Dino Ferrari race track , which will be coming as its own premium DLC pack for Automobilista.

    Legendary tracks become such after decades of rich racing heritage - we believe that in order for a sim to capture the history of corners such as Tosa, Tamburello and Rivazza it´s fundamental to reproduce those famous bits of terrain through the times, and race them with machines that belong to those eras.

    Hence Imola will be the first of our "Legendary Race Tracks" line of DLCs, and will feature no less than four unique versions of the track: from early 70s, late 80s and early 00s, along of course the modern version of the track. This pack is estimated to sell for US$ 6.99, with release expected to be towards the end of october.

    Worth remembering that those who took part in our crowdfunding campaign last year or bought into our membership pack have already secured all these upcoming DLCs at no extra charge. Those interested in securing all this content and also a chance to give the new stuff an early go should look into our membership packs from our forum store.

    Automobilista base and the membership pack (both all-inclusive and ugprade options) remain with their promotional Early Access pricing in our forum store, selling for US$ 29.99 / US$ 54.99 / US$ 24.99 respectively - upon v1.0 release these prices will be upgraded to US$ 39.99 for AMS Base, US$ 59.99 for all-inclusive and US$ 29.99 for membership upgrade, so if you´re interested in AMS or in the DLCs at all you won´t want to miss out on these current offerings.

    We´ll be offering a similar "Season Pass" for all DLCs through Steam upon v1.0 release along with options for the individual items and packs as they become available - the best deal however still is to acquire the membership packs which not only includes the Season Pass for all DLCs, it also grants a key to AMS Beta and access to Reiza51.

    This covers it for our July Dev update. We´ll catch up again in august, this time most definitely with AMS v1.0 release already behind us...

    For more news and discussion items regarding Reiza Studios latest racing title, head on over to the RaceDepartment Automobilista sub forum and join the discussion. RaceDepartment hold a substantial modding archive for AMS, with some of the top quality add on cars, tracks and apps available to download. We hold regular Automobilista Racing Club events with a variety of different car and track combinations, check it out today!

    See any news in July's development update you like? Looking forward to V1.0 of AMS? Let's discuss below!
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  2. fortyfivekev


    Really happy with AMS at present and looking forward to driving the British tracks and the S2000 and Caterham cars as well.
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  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Crikey! That's one large amount of development work! :)

    Great work as always. Like their ideas so far and I'm sure there will be lots of us that'll love racing the GPL style F1 cars. Cool idea to mix up the engine and downforce styles on those cars as well.

    The ECU modifications are interesting too, just how much Reiza can get out of this game is amazing.

    Being a graphics person I like the little image of the kerbs being made. That's dedication for you! :)

    Looking forward to trying the updates :thumbsup:
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  4. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    That moment when the texture looks better than the original photo. :D

    Great to hear about all the upcoming improvements and DLC!
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  5. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    The f vintages look great, these and some legendary race tracks! There is so much on offer with this game now, exciting times.
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  6. Duke55


    As usual, nothing but good news about Automobilista's development. I'm especially stoked about the direction Reiza's taking in regards to Imola. The different layouts over the years is the absolute right approach to take with the "Legendary Race Tracks", the other news that excites me to no end.

    Can't wait to belt around Tamburello flat out once again! :cool:
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  7. Wow great stuff. :thumbsup:
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  8. Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen
    Hey... wait up! Premium

    Simply amazing. I am so happy already about Automobilista, and from the visions above, it seems the future - the imminent future even, is looking even brighter. I look forward to the weekend, to try out the new betaversion.:):)
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  9. Lazarou


    Exciting times in Automobilista land. When I backed the fundraising campaign I never envisaged the amount of quality and good work that would come out of it. Amazing stuff.

    Thankfully I paid my $100 before Brexit.:)
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  10. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I'm looking forward to all of it!!! :D
    Bring it all on!
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  11. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Nothing to add to the above posts:D
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  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    In the interests of trying to remain neutral :) I must say, it seems like Reiza can do no wrong of late.

    Epic, simply epic!
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  13. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    Amazing stuff.:thumbsup:
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  14. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Reiza Studios is an amazing development team. From content to ingame features to communication, it is all there. So far the only racesim that gives me everything i can wish for.
    Other devs (not saying names:whistling:) can learn from Reiza. Brutal epic, amazing, fantastic:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  15. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    To sum the above in one word........."Outstanding" :thumbsup:

    My thanks to the Reiza team, for doing what they do, and doing it so well. :D
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  16. Torcano


    Looking forward to some top quality caterhams! Woohoo! :inlove:
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  17. kamackeris


    Fantastic work again... Hope to see you guys on track soon! AMS on RD has been struggling a bit for numbers recently hopefully these additions should boost numbers again!
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  18. Having seen the DLC/Membership prices, I'm glad I backed the crowdfunding earlier :cautious:, because at least I know (for the level I backed) that I'll get to enjoy all of this, and not have to worry about DLC. :p

    The ECU/Throttle bit sounds promising though!
  19. Kick ass news. I really feeel that AMS only need some "wingless" (1967 is a great choice) F1 carset to be perfect. And here they come. So, you saying that it will be '67 AND '69 season, if I get it right ? Amazing if yes, still wonderful if not. :thumbsup:
    And all the rest that is just around the corner...:inlove: they really know what they doing. Or, simply put, and I'm not sure why but having almost ALL best simulations that we all play in recent couple years... Automobilista is somehow most enjoyable to click on it. Not sure if it's only me (I know I'm not;)) every other game lack ...something. But this.
    Thank you Reiza guys. Let God give you long life and Donald Trump type of career. :)
    But not that hair.
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  20. Nobkins

    Staff Premium

    Just listen to that Ultima and it pretty much sums up the amazing quality of work Reiza are doing. Roll on V1!
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