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Automobilista EA v0.8.6r RELEASED

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Franklin Stegink, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    19 maart - Reiza Studios
    A new EARLY ACCESS build of AMS (v.0.8.6r) has been deployed.

    Below are the release notes & main changelog (please make sure to check for some important information regarding the new build):

    • V0.8.6r
    • Improved support for Windows User Account Control - now all user-generated files should be stored in MyDocs\Automobilista folder. Users with UAC on will be prompted to create a new profile (if you disable UAC or run as admin however it will still use game folder)
    • Added option to select PLAYER LEVEL after new profile creation (can be changed later from the difficulty menu) - CASUAL / ADVANCED / HARDCORE: depending on level selected, the default settings will be customized accordingly for various Difficulty / Controls / Display options
    • Several new UI improvements & adjustments + version number added to bottom right corner of main menu
    • Further adjusted tire scrub volume calculation, default settings & added Tire Volume Slider to the AUDIO menu
    • Some DynHUD improvements for better stability (& pedal cursors now optional from the editor)
    • Fixed bug with vehicle labels not working
    • Fixed bug with FFB level selection sometimes not sticking
    • Added a FFB Reset function whenever a session is (re)started (to try prevent issues with users occasionally losing FFB)
    • Implemented advanced transmission code for all cars with dog-type sequential boxes (Marcas, SuperV8, MR18, Lancer RS, Shifter and Superkart) now featuring ignition cut-off in upshifts; if engine / drivetrain RPM mismatch is too great, gear change is not accepted; downshift protection also added to prevent engine over-revving in semi-auto boxes;
    • Added option for manual gear shift override in cars with autoshift electronic aids (such as F-V10 & Camaro SS)
    • Adjusted flatspotting range (slightly more sensitive than previous version)
    • Fixed bug with Mini autoshift driving aid not working correctly
    • Removed launch control being left mistakenly enabled in F3 & Supertruck
    • Tweaked fast line at chicane in second half of lap of Salvador to minimize cars rolling
    • Fixed foggy cockpit windshield in Lancer RS
    • Fixed bug with Renault Fluence LOD in night lighting
    • Various AI adjustments to generally improve their behavior & performance
    • Added a few missing helmet skins + corrected alpha channels for another lot of them
    • Fixed digital LCDs not working in Indian Momentum F-Extreme cars
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  2. Reiza will you be looking at UltraSofts and qualifying formats (when they fix or change as I think the will)??
    • Various AI adjustments to generally improve their behavior & performance
    Racing at Barcelona before and after the update, (with Flat 6 Mod), and must sadly report the AI are back to demolition derby time. No more side by side racing action as they will swerve wildly to and fro slamming into the side of car knocking off track the impact is so hard. Going into a turn along side an AI will result in them taking "their" line into the turn oblivious of any other car. I played at 95% with "Low" and "Medium" aggression. Their behavior was the same at both settings.

    Their performance may have been enhanced at the expense of not being able to race properly.

    Before the update I was having excellent races with the same settings.

    I will try some stock tracks and cars and report back.

    Tried the Stock Cars at a couple of Reiza's tracks and although the AI were better, they still exhibited the same behaviors. Mostly when entering or exiting corners side by side they seem to not see my car and force themselves into their race line. Racing at 90% with medium aggression. It is very frustrating now because the AI are so fast at corner exit and down the straight that it is impossible to pass them there. So, the only place to pass is corner entry by out braking them and taking the inside line. That is when they slam into the side of my car and knock me off the track. I doesn't matter if I am ahead slightly or behind slightly or directly beside them....they still want my line and knock me out of the way to get it. I don't experience that kind of behavior in RF2 and typically race with 100% and 20 on aggression.
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  3. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis
    Premium Member

    Is it safe to copy your old plr file to the new location or has anything been changed in the file?
  4. After the update I can't find an option to disable head movement inside the cockpit... can I disable it somewhere in config files? Thanks.
  5. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    You're complaining about Ai on mod track with a mod car... In the politest way possible that's not really anything to do with us ;)

    As for the stock content. I can't remember how we correlate the aggression settings, but it sounds like you may wish to try the low ai aggression setting
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
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  6. After another update (7mb), running dynhud gives an error but the log doesn't appear to show any error:
    Using Java from folder "F:\XBOX360\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Automobilista\Plugins\DynHUD\Java".
    Loading msvcr100.dll... done.
    Loading jvm.dll... done.
    Successfully loaded Java dlls.
    Invoking Java VM...
    JVM options:
    Successfully invoked Java VM.
    Launching DynHUD Editor...
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  7. Error also on dynhud, cannot open the editor. Interlagos also freezing trying to load.
  8. Depois da atualzacao não consigo acha os setup , e tambem depois de salvo nao aparece na pasta do jogo.
  9. Sniper

    Premium Member

    same issue for me, updated java, deleted dynhud folder and did integrity check, nothing fixes it:(

    I had saved my old dynhud folder and can confirm its the dynhud_gamedata.jar file that is causing the issue
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  10. No, F_Reiza on Jacarapagua'05 its the same. Ai aggression is set to lowest, but he drives stubborn on his line without the typical brilliant collision avoidance. Its drivable, but before was much better, also on Barcelona and all add tracks.

    Edit: Some other original tracks are ok. I dont know...
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
  11. I really hope this response means Reiza is looking into the AI problem. In my experience with ISI sims, AI in mod cars and tracks that HAVE problems usually exhibit slow lap times....not demolition derby times. Politely avoiding the problem is not good customer service. The AI were OK before the update...now they are NOT OK.
  12. Can still use old profiles, is that correct or was I meant to create a new one?
  13. Hmmm... I have the opposite experience. Ran a race at Barcelona with the F1-V10 and it was great! I really had to fight the AI. They knew where I was and gave me just enough room to make sure we didn't crash.

    Only minor issue i have with the ai is that they keep their line on the straights. So overtaking isnt that hard. Would be great if they would try to block you like GP4 AI does.

  14. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    To my knowledge we made no code changes that would effect a mod. Ai tweaks meant we adjusted the settings of various cars and tracks, stock content only.
  15. Apologies, the option is not missing. I thought it was in Display options before the update, but it is obviously in Controller section all the time.
  16. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    Yeh I hope they make the ai defend the line better. Also Is it me but I see the ai closing in on the slipstream on straights behind me but never continue the move to overtake. They only seem to overtake under braking into the corners
  17. load a track, go in car once, exit the game, start the editor, it will work
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  18. Nope mate, still not working, tried below and get the same message as further below, Got Interlagos working now by validating files even though I didnt change anything on it. DYNhud U/S

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  19. Thank you for a professional response. Still, there is something going on with the AI. Some may like them for their style of racing but it doesn't fly with me. You seem to be stuck on the MOD aspect of the AI. In my OP I stated testing was done with STOCK cars and tracks also. Though the problem was not as bad, it still existed. I played RF2 last nite with a variety of MOD CARs and MOD TRACKs with no problems whatsoever. I make that comparison because both products are ISI . BTW....In my opinion...Increasing the aggressive slider should increase the AI's abilities. Like passing and corner entry and exit. It is being implied, because it was suggested I turn down the aggressiveness slider, the AI being more aggressive results in fender bashing demolition derby driving.

    I'll just wait it out. AMS as of now is a hotlap simulator. Like GSCE, the AI will probably get better with time.