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Automatic v Manual

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sainty, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Ive been playing F1 for about a month and Just got a 1:23.571 , but cant get out of the 1:23s, is this because i drive automatic and not manual, im i losing time driving automatic ?
  2. It would help if you said what track and what hardware you are on... PC, XBox PS3, wheel or keyboard and so on....

    Oh, and also if it's TT, online or career mode.
  3. What track are you on?

    You do lose time in automatic, however, making a move to manual is not easy and some tracks you won't see a benefit but rather a slower time. Early on, you are more likely to see benefits on the longer tracks when switching to manual.

    I set a 1:18.7xx at Budapest TT within 3 laps on automatic.
    I have spent about 5+ hours driving in manual at Budapest, so far, I have managed to improve this time by 0.2s although I was slightly wide on a corner, so it didn't count. I have noticed that it is possible for me to gain time on all corners if done properly in manual, however, after 5 hours driving, nearly all benefits I gain are offset by the time lost in my bad manual gear skills.
  4. To answer your question, regardless of track and all the other things you havent told us - once mastered, manual gears give more of an advantage than automatic. Take a bit more than a month praccy though I would say.
  5. I was on melbourne, driving mclaren doing a time trial, no assists on, driving automatic with racing wheel for xbox 360, i know it could just simply be down to me not being as good as the rest but so many people are in the 1:20s on this track which is a hole 3 seconds faster then my time, and that is staggering
  6. Dont let it get you down. Yes there are blisteringly fast guys out there. On PC the fastest totally unassisted (and genuine) time is something like 1:19.5xx. You say you have been driving for a month - so I would say you are doing well considering these faster guys will do something like 500 laps per session, and have been playing since the game came out.

    Check out the instructional videos available. There may still be time to gain from taking better lines, better car setup etc - but it is no coincidence that the fastest drivers / times out there are totally unassisted running manual gears and lots and lots and lots of practice!
  7. Well, I can tell you what my experince on this is...The only aid I ever used is auto gears, my testing of manual was on Melbourne a while back, and I could never beat my best TT time, the closest was about .5 seconds behind. That said, I did not do that many laps and I belive that once you get the hang of it it will pay off in faster laps but it will require some serious practising.

    Also, as Paul wrote getting to the optimal line around the track and having a setup that suits your driving, is a big part of it, I belive you will find more time to shave off there then on manual gears, at least that what I found to be true for me. But, again, practice is the only thing that really lets you improve your times.
  8. As far as I'm concerned I lose lots of time because I use the auto gear assist and use a control pad. I'm pretty sick of the wheelspin and the horrible screeching noise it makes because it should be changing gear, or I would be if using manual gearing. I have tried to use manual but I'm slower on all the tracks I've tried, again I think most of it is down to the congestion on the control pad and little practice.

    I so cannot wait to get a wheel!!
  9. I haven't been playing very long, but I switched over to manual a couple of weeks ago. At first, I had difficulty coordinating steering, braking and downshifting as I approached corners, but I'm much better now. I find it a lot more fun to drive in manual using the paddles on a wheel. It definitely gives me faster lap times, but that's also partly due to learning the tracks with practice. When I watched the recent Australia GP, I was happy to see that the drivers were using the same gears I was in most corners. Where they were in a higher gear and hitting higher speeds through a particular corner, I took that back to the game and got some faster lap times.