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Automatic download of custom skins?

Discussion in 'KartKraft' started by Felipe Duarte Gozzo, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey @KK-Alpha , I have a question, as you already said, players will be able to make custom skins for helmet, suits and karts... Will KK have an option to automatic download these custom skins when you enter the server (and other players are using custom skins, of course) on Multiplayer??

    KRP had that problem, you need to download the skin and install it on your game so you can see other players using the skin. Live For Speed instead, download the skin while you are entering the server, but you can disable this option if you want.

    That would be a nice addition to the game!

    Hype is high and I really hope you release the BETA keys soon :p
  2. KK-Alpha

    Black Delta

    Good question Felipe.

    Yes - We will have automatic downloading of custom skins but this will be explained in more depth via an announcement at a later date.
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  3. That will be a REALLY good feature!! Thanks for the answer :)
  4. Lasse Ougaard

    Lasse Ougaard

    Sounds like a cool feature. Especially the helmet is a personal feature in karting, because it's so visible.
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