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Tracks Autobahn 0.3

A section from the mother of all highways; The Autobahn.

  1. PeterBitt submitted a new resource:

    Autobahn - A section from the mother of all highways; The Autobahn.

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  2. ouvert


    well than was fun to watch ;) ... German highways are too smooth .. D1 between Prague and Brno .. that would be something for your FFB :p not sure how to approach this one but could be fun in its on way ? keep on !
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  3. Already a very solid start and I know it will only get better! I just did a 10 lap race with AI (ok, Ai retired after 7 laps because they ran out of fuel and couldn't pit to refuel) and it was a real hoot. I find the current layout to be hipnotic, almost trance inducing. I know there's still a long way to go with textures, objects and physical mesh but even in this early state it's a great drive. If I could make one suggestion, it would be great to have the pits at the side of the road in the form of a gas station/rest stop so it would be quick and easy to pull in, fuel up and do another 10 laps :D. Also, some braking markers would be great for the current version, with so little trackside details I find it difficult to find a good braking zone marker and usually end up over shooting at both ends of the road.

    Can't wait till the Porsches are released so we can drive the most iconic German car on the most iconic German road.

    Thanks for bringing this great idea to AC.
  4. @Joseph Maxx
    Thanks for the kind words! Its very nice how quick people here try out the mod and report back, awesome.
    Everything you mentioned is planned. I will try to make break markers first so you can actually memorize the layout better.
    Yeah cant wait for the Porsches too!
  5. Please add physical bump mesh at some point if it isnt there or planned yet (so we can feel the road in FFB wheels). :) There is an excellent guide on how to do them from LilSki on AC forum.

    Thanks for this. Finally we go flat out in the fastest cars hehe.
  6. Have a good time of the day @PeterBitt,

    Do not take so serious, but one little advice or tip, may be.
    Try to bring best quality, feel and look of road details, which you already done firstly at all. Work with environment surrounding and new objects will take most of your time. So, if you will be glad with results and have solid quality basis, all else as well will be easier and joyfully to add one by one folowing good ideas from you and other guys there..
  7. [​IMG]

    First terrain prototype!
    This is made in ZBrush, modelled and painted from scratch. Well, based on the spline-modelled terrain from the currently released version. Once I stitched the low poly (in game) terrain properly to the road I can import and export it between Max and ZBrush to refine everything. Very happy everything works so smoothly, soon the fun stuff can beginn :thumbsup:
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  8. An AI that drives according to the Rechtsfahrgebot, my German need for order is more than fulfilled :inlove: I just had an Idea for the AI: removing some upper gears so that they drive at a realistic Autobahn speed of ~130 km/h. I don't have any experience in editing AC car values but I guess I'll try it
  9. A bit tough to understand for me but thanks for the heads up! No worries tho I will make sure to have a solid base before I get lost in making all the objects. I have a fair bit of experience with this kind of stuff, I will sure get this done :)
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  10. Added some TV Cameras if anyone want them ;)
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  11. These look cool, thanks for making this!
  12. No worries mate, thanks for making the cool track ;)
    The cams turned out better than I thought, considering you haven't got any trackside details atm... Looking forward to when you do :)
  13. Manuel Staedel

    Manuel Staedel

    Any news for that track?
  14. I am working on it occasionally. Progress is slow but I might have a little update soon.
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  15. PeterBitt updated Autobahn with a new update entry:

    Autobahn updated to version 0.2

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  16. Nice, thanks :)

    The phyiscalness of the white stripes is really nice, I just think they're a bit too high. I reckon they are 1cm atleast now, judging by the wheel feedback. In real life they wouldn't be much more than half of that.
    Also the track map isn't aligned properly.
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