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Auto-Pilot in Grand Prix Mode????

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kyle Dunning, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. So I was racing around Australia, miles ahead on Legend mode, and all of a sudden, my dog decides to lie down on my wire.

    So I lift his head up off my wire, after pausing the game, I go back into the race.... And the car is driving itself!
    I was well confused, the computer had taken over the car, and no matter what I pressed, I had lost control and the computer was racing around the track, about as quick as the other AI.

    The only way I managed to get it back under control, was to go into the replay, and then when I came out of it, the car smashed into the wall because the game had suddenly given me the control back.

    I was only doing a grand prix to work on a race setup to post, but I found this really random and felt I had to share it.
    Anyone know if this is a feature in the game? Or is it some kind of huge glitch????
  2. Also another note, I just tried to get past a backmarker, Di Resta, and he was being stupid in letting me past, I ended up driving into the back of his front left tyre...

    And somehow part of his front wing came off, when I actually hit into the side of him and Behind the front tyre.... How strange.
  3. I know the game will auto pilot for a short time in multiplayer if you go to the pause menu. Although in my experience you gradually slow down to zero as soon as you hit pause.

    I guess this is a feature in case someone needs to check race director or change settings, although it doesn't seem like it auto pilots quite far enough to get anything useful done in the menu.

    Sounds like a glitch and a feature haha.