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PC auto clutch question

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Piet Dekimpe, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. I have auto clutch on in this game, I prefer changing gear with the gear paddles on the Log G27 wheel, dont really use the H shifter and I prefer racing cars rather than road cars.
    My question : during fast braking the rear of the car can become a bit unstable, more so at corners where you can trail brake for example first and second corner japan track ( depending on car).
    I tried to give a little throttle when I downchange gear : I brake first, then simultaneously shift dawn and little throttle whilst releasing the brake a bit, sort of trying to simulate the heel toe technique to keep high in the revs and I feel the car is more stable in some corners doing this.
    My question : does this hurt the gearbox or engine damage? I noticed that trying this in some online races after a couple of laps ( f.e. the japan track) i have less engine power. I wonder if thats because this brake technique ... could also due to front radiator damage from hitting slower cars on first couple of corners.;)...
    Can you see somewhere while racing where you have damage and if so what kind of damage?
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  2. No, it doesn´t hurt the car. However, if you are using auto-clutch, the car is already using throttle for you with every downshift to rev match the transmission and the engine for every de-clutch. You can alter the amount of power the car uses in every downshift in a setup option called something like "trail braking" (I don´t know the name in English version, it´s normally a number between 3 and 7).

    This video explains it all pretty well. First part teaches you how to use a fully manual transmission with NO auto-clutch. Towards the end, you can see a BAC Mono hotlapping, and if you pay attention to the pedal inputs on the telemetry HUD, you can see that even if the driver doesn´t blip the throttle at all, the car electronics will do it.

    One last tip: if you use auto-clutch, USE THE HANDBRAKE as a clutch for starts. Autoclutch won´t let you drop the clutch hard for a good start and you will get a bad start.
  3. Do you mean the ' brake mapping' option in the setup menu? this allows indeed changingh the braking power coming from the engine.
    So basically, If I feel that in some corners I need to use throttle while braking, I should then change this brake mapping into a lower of higher value?... all this is so confusing :rolleyes:

    thanks for the reply, while watcht that vid later ( at work now).
  4. That option changes the amount of throttle the electronics use everytime you downshift. It reduces the chances of rear lockup ONLY the very precise moment you engage a shorter gear. Have you ever driven a Formula A, and spun when engaging that short second gear that comes with default? That setup option can avoid it. If you bump it up, the car will use more throttle to rev match the engine and transmission, so agressive downshifts will be smoother.

    However, if what you are doing is accelerating in the final part of a braking zone to keep some weight towards the back, that option won´t help you. It´s very hard for me to explain with words, so again, here´s a video:

    Watch from 2:30 to 7:50. When the driver brakes, there are 2 different throttle sources.

    1) Electronics: strong and fast pushes with every downshift.
    2) Driver: weak and longer inputs on the final part of braking zones.

    To help you telling them apart, in the Donnington footage there is no 2). Brake mapping affects ONLY 1).

    Summarizing: If you are spinning EXACTLY when you engage a smaller gear, you have the following solutions:
    a) Bumping up brake mapping.
    b) wait until the car has slowed down a bit more for downshifting.

    If you are using the throttle to avoid spinning when you turn in and it has NOTHING to do with gearshifting, this option won´t help. Just use throttle as in the BAC Mono Nurburgring footage. This is NOT bad for the car. Only downside is higher fuel consumption.
  5. I used it more at the beginning fase of braking to avoid spinning while downshifting, not at the end.
    So i thinks bumping up the brake map is the solution for certain track/car combinations.
    Thanks very much for all this explanation.
    Haven't tried altering the brake mapping untill now ( onlyl brake balance and brake pressure) , will definatly look into that more in the setup menu. I suppose it also depends ont the 'braking pressure' and 'brake balance', so finding a good balance betweens all this settings while help me, thank you.
  6. No problem mate! Don´t forget to experiment with decel diff too.
  7. another thing i never touch , bot the diff settings..... damn so much to experiment with....
  8. This can also be caused by having too much rear brake bias.

  9. Yes I know, its al a matter of balancing the brakes with setup and also with the foot:)
    But my initial question is answered. If I do help a bit with the throttle during braking , it does not hurt the engine. So the engine troubles I experienced was due to some other reason or bug.
    I recorded a formule C race with those engine power loss, i will upload it later.
  10. One last thing interesting for those playing around between auto-clutch on and off.

    In starts, if it´s off, you must start the car using the throttle and clutch. Practice some starts before because it´s not easy to nail.

    If it´s on, hold the handbrake button, engage first, rev it, and just release the handbrake. It ALWAYS gives a good start and it´s ridiculously easy. Bad design choice by the dev team.