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Australian Race series.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Darren Jason O'Brien, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Is there any Racing Series or Events for drivers in Australia for Australian Racers, most of the races are at 19:00 DST which makes it 5am in Australia so impossable to race except w/ends if you want to get up early.

    Id like to start a Aussie race series in V8Supercars with a few Aussie Tracks , Homebush, Gold Coast, Bathurst, Mallala, Hamilton NZ and mayb a few International ones thrown in if its easy to do and if enough show any interest.. Im thinking of doing a Race each week, with Practice, Qual, Race either 2 races at 15-20 laps or 1 med size race at 30 laps with a comp Pit stop. just throwing ideas around

    Where do u go to make up a race, is it done through the Game menu.

    Id like to get Min 15 Max 30, If your Interested reply to this thread and lets see numbers at first and where to go from there..

    Any help would be great..


  2. Hi there Darren,

    I would be keen on a Sunday night series that the Practice Session started around 8:30GMT and the Race at 9:30GMT (10.30pm NZ time) for an hour or two of racing...

    Also, I made the V8SC cars for Race07, so this is of much interest for me :)

    I would even go to the point of running the series...
  3. 20:30GMT = 4:30am for me on the west side of Aussie land. :/
  4. Which V8's are these guys?
  5. Sorry, I got the GMT backwards :) edited my first reply :) So, it would be 4.30pm Sunday for you Rhys!
  6. Haha.... Yours/Ours/FVRs! on the R07 platform I'm assuming as this thread in posted in the R07 sub forum...
  7. Cool. There were a couple of local leagues running these cars, but I think they have moved over to rfactor or iracing
  8. [kath&kim]Noice.[/kath&kim] :)

    I could make that time zone starting mid-november...
  9. Sounds good to me!

    I'm not thinking a League, but would hope to still get a good regular following, and there is the bonus that it's a Sunday morning race for those in UK/EU, so still doable for good fields of racers. I like the idea of 2 shorter races one week and then a single longer race the next...
  10. Hey Guys,

    Sounds like some good Ideas there, I think the real problem is when and what time do you run the race so all of us around the World can get on there and run together.

    But good to see some interest there, its Nooice Different Unusual
  11. Geez...I would be keen to jump on board...BUT work stops me from doing so...darn nightshift!!! Unless you want to hold over race start until 1.15ish in the morning NZ time :)

  12. I don't know if you might be intrested into F1 but I am currently running PrestoGP - Pacific Series and the race starts at around 23:00 GMT on Saturdays. (Sunday for you I guess)

    If you are intrested then pay a visit to the league by going to the Race 07 Leagues then clicking on the PrestoGP and you will find PrestoGP - Pacific Series.
    Or use this link: http://www.racedepartment.com/prestogp-pacific-series/

  13. I would love to join, brisbane boy, any time is good
  14. Sorry but I am not complitly sure if you are commenting on my post or not but if you want to join PrestoGP - Pacific Series then go to the following link that will get you to a topic were all the drivers sign up on.
    Link: http://www.racedepartment.com/prestogp-pacific-series/57767-pgp-ps-season-7-sign-ups-open.html

    Feel free to ask as many friends of your that sim-race to also sign up for PrestoGP - Pacific Series.
  15. I believe that Grant is getting back on the topic of V8's that roar and not scream :)
  16. I suggest you to post your ideas for racing club event time intervals in the thread I created not long ago! I guess if many comes into roughly the same time it might help you a lot:) I'll try to make a summary of ideas there!
  17. Make sure it is listed in the Calender nice and early guys. I'm up for a change of class.

    Race time? 02- 07GMT is awkward but do-able. All other times fine.
  18. The best time slot, that used to be packed to overflow was the Sunday morning EU WTCC racing slot. It works for New Zealand and Australia very well, but also not too early for the UK -> GMT+1/+2 Euros. That format looks like this for those not racing them yet (Modified to suit this series idea):

    Required RACE 07 expansions: None
    Class: V8SC 2001
    Track: FVR Gold Coast WIP 4.2
    Practice: 8:30 GMT
    Qualification: 9:00 GMT
    Warm-up: 9:15 GMT
    Race: 9:20 GMT 2x15 Laps
    Password: click here

    6 months ago or so, this timeslot on Sundays used to have up to 5 or 6 reserves waiting to join, but then the club racing format got changed and we lost many racers. Now the format is back to ~ what we had before.
  19. Post #18 should work well for you Ray :)
  20. I'm on it :) It just lacks a date??

    Oh, and while I have your attention, ..well done on the Mod. :)