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Australian / New Zealand Week!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. I wouldn't dare to line up two nations in one week but we are forced to because of game content.

    This shall NOT dampen the spirit of either country however as we have some great events in store for you!

    Australia is a beautiful vibrant nation with a feel and personality all it's own! While you can find American and European influences in the culture, it is truly an original nation! I mean where else in the whole world can you actually call football an "Australian Rules" game? Passion for life flows from this Country and it shows in their Motorsports!!!! Just look at Aussie V8 Supercars and you are watching the most entertaining and competitive road racing in the world by my eye!

    Add in a monster circuit like Bathhurst Mount Panorama and you have one of the legendary tracks in the world!

    So we salute our friends "downunder!" Toss a shrimp on the barbie and grab a pint of VB! Good on ya mate!

    New Zealand the neighbor next door is another island nation with a passion for motorsport and sailing to beat all things it seems! The KIWI spirit is flowing and passionate like the Aussie's but they are indeed a competitive country in anything they persue!

    So let's kick off the week with some awesome content and extended racing events! Yes we are "extending" some events so check the start times and plan to be up later than usual this week!

    Sunday August 1st Porsche Super Cup at Warwick Farm

    Monday August 2nd GT Sport @ Thunder Forest Loop

    Tuesday August 3rd F1 @ Melbourne

    Wednesday August 4th CLIO CUP @ Surfer's Paradise

    Thursday August 5th Escort V8's @ Mallala

    Friday August 6th WTCC @ Ruapuna

    Saturday August 7th V8 Supercars @ Birubi Southern Cross
    Events content may change after some testing....
  2. Nice write up Eric you almost make us sound nice :tongue:

    Just thought if you want it to be fair dinkum aussie, you need some translations.

    Throw a prawn or snag (or both) on the barbie and grab a tinnie(throw down) or scooner of Tooheys or XXXX! (VB = :poop:) Don't be a wanker! and :wink: she'll be right mate! :doublethumb:
  3. My God I realize I know nothing about Australia.........well except Fosters and Supercars!
  4. Australians as a rule dont drink Fosters. Ever!! We do love our V8 Supercars though. Best in the world IMO.
  5. I also forgot to add that that track list just isn't right without Bathurst on it. I can't believe a version hasn't been made that we can use :(

    Bathurst, Adelaide and Surfers Paradise are my 3 fav tracks of all time. Wish we could race them.
  6. ....or Hidden Vally, Sandown, Phillip Island, Pukakoe, Barbagello, Queensland Raceway, Eastern Creek, Oran Park.... :(
  7. Quite a sad thought... but what little Aussie/NZ content is available for our game is top-notch. I can tell straight off that all those tracks are perfectly legal, too.

    Thanks Eric and co. for this little week in the spotlight... :D
  8. Paul we HAVE Surfer's in the schedule!

    Not having Bathhurst is simply criminal................

    We need a few Peter BRock skins to make it right too 'eh?

    I'll never drink an oil can of Fosters again!

    And if we could just get GOOD coverage of Supercars in America!
  9. Weuld've liked to see Adelaide too.... I used to race against a guy that lived there and when we'd race that track he'd say, hey this turn is only 2 minutes from my house.
  10. If only we could get "reasonable" coverage of anything other than Nascar here in the states! Grrr... I need to win the lottery so I can start my online TV network already. TV here is driving me crazy!
  11. you misss the old SPEEDVISION! back when real racing counted for something! Before the Nascar Monolith BOUGHT the damned chaneel and all went to hell.

    Besides, you live in GEorgia! YOUr screwed man it's all bubba all the time down there.....only one who has is worse is JArrod since he is in NC!
  12. oh boy Gunthar!

    Ok NOw I have to go dig these up and test 'em out! Actually all kidding aside, I appreciate you letting us knwo about these! And the fact that you brought them here to RD is great!

    Mallala is in the events schedule now, I can;t get Sydney to run as it mini dumps on me.

    And um oh yeah, Bathurst really? AWESOME!

    Edit: we have Surfers in the sched as well though you called it Gold Coast. But I cannot get Sydney or Hamilton to run in game. Both minidump onme. I extracted the track file folder " Hamilton" to the locations folder but it just dumps. I noticed it does not have the 'Models & Textures" subfolders though. Why? Is this the problem?
  13. you need to keep the EXACT folder system that is used in the 7zip's i.e. if it is in the 7zip and there is a V8SC folder with the track inside that, you need to extract the V8SC and it's content into your Locations, don't cut out the track folder from the V8SC as this will break the search arguments.... so it will look something like:


    Also, there is an older Surfers that is crap and been out for quite some time which is a conversion. The Gold Coast I linked and uploaded is a scratch built release that has been out for just a short time and kicks ass on the older surfers poos.... :)
  14. Was the cutting issue fixed at Surfer's Guenthar? I can't remember as I only use the rFactor version.
  15. GUNTHAR thanks for helping me on the install! I was screwing it up.................no shock there
  16. np Eric :)

    @ Ryan: I can't remember if it was an issue in Race 07, as it uses a different AIW than rF
  17. I was a very big issue in Race 07 - if you strayed too far left into T1 the game would give you a cut (even though you weren't).

    There is/was no issue in rFactor.

    I'm sure the FVR boys fixed it for RACE
  18. Awww man.......I'm a Kiwi and I missed this.....in immortal kiwi/aussie style BUGGER!

    How'd the week go guys?
  19. Not too bad for me... I capped mine off with a double win in Australian cars on (fictional) home turf! :D