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Australian Community Skin Pack 2013

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by FDG Stitch, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Gday guys an gals.
    Introducing the ACSP_2013 for V8factor Unleashed 2012 season

    With the cooperation of many online race teams, we have created the ACSP_2013.

    With the download of 1 skin pack, it will enable you to join at least 11 different teams V8FU2012 servers.

    This has been a WIP for the last couple of months, and is now installed on the majority of participating servers,

    If you see ACSP in the server name, you will want this skin pack.

    If your vehicle skins are a part of this pack, you can now race your skin on more servers than you ever could before.

    If your skins are not a part of this pack there are about 12 different "Guest Cars" you can choose, or you can choose a standard skin.

    The guest car choice is a better one because of the editing we needed to do, to the Pitgroup line in the VEH file.

    The Teams involved are:
    Fair Dinkum Gamers
    Just For Fun
    Redline Sim Racers
    Rock Solid Mates
    Trans Tasman Rivals
    V8 Supercar Fan Group
    V8 SOL

    There are download links for this pack at any of the above forums,

    There are way too many people to thank to list here, but
    Cheers to JFF Scotty, Evil Karl and OR Wayno for his installer compilation efforts.
    To all the skinners....... WELL DONE.
    The quality skins in this pack are a testament to your skills.

    There will be a mid year update, so if your team wants to be a part of this pack in the future, contact Scotty, Karl, Wayno or myself for details.

    If you are a "Privateer" (not an official member of an online race team) contact the team leader of the team you are most affiliated with to start the process.

    Cheers ORSM, Lovin your work.

  2. Been watching this for a while now. I'm sorry but I have to ask, Why isn't this setup in the Community section? I ask because all the restrictions placed on the season cars by the track configuration doesn't exist there. You could have edited the VEH files to suit yourselves, added skins for droppings like you have now anyway.

    The community section was put there for this exact reason.
    Sorry but I'm curious why you've not used a area that has no limitations over one that has the track config ini.

    I've read at AusFactor that you've needed to edit the tracks so you can use the seasons without limit when just using the community section none of this would be apply. This was awhile back and may have changed now.
  3. was wondering the same thing but think that they just like it with the 2012 season would be my guess
  4. Hey Doug,
    Valid question I reckon, and my only answer would be, I do not know, it was never actually discussed to be setup in the Community section.

    The editing I spoke about was only the Pitgroup line of the VEH file.
    The problem was where 2 or 3 vehicles had the same pitgroup and were trying to reside in the same parking space in the garage, and of course sharing a pit bay.

    In testing before release we found that removing all the Pitgroups seemed to fix this.
    Without the pitgroup, it seems that a pitgroup is assigned to you as you enter the server.

    With regards to editing the track files, I believe that Adelaide is the only one to be edited so far to allow the 3:50 gears.

    Considering it's the first time we have attempted this, I imagine there maybe some changes in any updates if problems are encountered.

    Sorry but if you were aware of this, why would you not suggest this before the release?

    Thanks for your input.
  5. To be honest I didn't think I would need to. This is exactly what the community section was created for. All open for you guy's to edit as you like. The only restrictions are those you put in yourselves as a league/s. Making a rfm ini is nothing, EK could do that in his sleep along with many others at these leagues. That's the path I would have taken without even thinking about it.

    It only makes sense to use it.
  6. ...(post too short legthen it by 10 words)
  7. maybe it could have been because there has never been an community section in previous versions. (correct me if im wrong)

    And no explanation/read me as to what the community section was or is for. Most clubs from what i know, use the series 11 or 12 and add there skins to it, as it has been in the past.
  8. I'm sorry if this sounds rude but wouldn't you think the words "Community Section" would be self explanatory?

    It has no restriction in place, It has all the models available to you so your not restricted to using just the VE S2 and FG. The physics are the same across all models so there's no advantage or disadvantage by using any of the older models.
    So really, please tale me, what didn't you get about this section being there? Seriously! I really want to know.

    Just to add to this for the reason of what you guy's have done, the amount of cars you have in the skin pack would far out weigh the amount of users on a server at any given time. With the skin pack anyone who hasn't got it will get mismatch so their out regardless whether they've got the 2010, 2011 mods or not.

    In the community section and with that many skins available a outside could just borrow one for the nights server practice fun racing. It's only a dick who would complain about his car being used but if it does become a issue there are already skins in place for the odd blow in to use.
    Even without the memo I would have though the "Community section" would have sparked a though in someone to explore the possibilities and came to understand what is was there for without a full written description of it use.
  9. Im only presuming that ppl who have used skin packs etc in the past have just done what they normally do. There is no real answer as to why as you can see, many clubs worked together to form the pack and get it released. It allows all those guys who wanted there own custom livery to be able to race on what ever server has the ACSP titled on the online server search.

    i guess the information can be utilized for next time.

    Thanks for your input though Doug
  10. Your welcome.:)
  11. I accept the feedback guys on the lack of information on the "Community Edition's" purpose. It was included in the Read me and also is obvious in the Mod selection screen.

    We will take that in board next time in the release notes if we include anything that is out of the norm, we sill include a detailed description of its purpose..
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  12. We at RSM ran the community edition before changing to 2012 with the ACSP (Which we did to go with the flow like everyone else).
    Just so you know the older models use less fuel then the newer cars therefore giving them an advantage in longer races or races with fuel burn turned up. Personally the only advantage i see for using the community edition is the lack of a track base config.
  13. Kurt the older models like bf and the ba and the vz and the by all used e10 where as in 2009 or 10? uses the e85 so do u see the difference with the fuel.
  14. Yes i knew that. I was just pointing out the fact the cars are not exactly the same and do give an advantage. Which makes mixing the models in an online server on a fuel tight race cause problems.
  15. Yes ok, fair point. I hadn't considered the fuel factor.
    It seams we couldn't win either way though. If the cars were the same, some would be complaining that this model ran that fuel and that model ran this fuel so why isn't it correct? Well there's a reason for "Not" having any model you like and a good reason for having them ran the same fuel.

    Sometimes the real world gets in the way. For the sake of good sim racing we need to let the real world sit on the side lines and watch. This would be one such time I would think.
  16. Don't get me wrong. I like the fuel factor being like the real thing. Just causes issues online.
  17. well if ya paint a bf or ba to run e85 wouldn't just pick the engine ini and set it in the veh.file??
  18. You can still use the Community Edition and stipulate them to run the exact same physics files for the 4 different models.

    BTW, the physics for every car is the same anyway, just the engine.ini file stipulates the fuel to use. There is no aero differences either on the Mod.

    Therefore, if you make a basic VEH for each of the cars, based on the community edition structure, tell it to use whichever engine.ini in the file that you want that will solve your fuel parity issues.

    Also, use a specific physics as a control and all cars will definitely be exactly the same.

    All these changes are easy to achieve using what has already been released in the community edition, with 1 or 2 minor changes..

    Tell me if you need any more help to understand the files and I am more than happy to answer questions.