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Misc Aura's Custom OSD 1.2

Tag line! Yeah.... uh..... my custom OSD?

  1. AuraTigital submitted a new resource:

    Aura's Custom OSD - Tag line! Yeah.... uh..... my custom OSD?

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  2. That text on the DRS is disgusting.
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  3. How would you like it then? :L
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  4. Thanks....but wich camera mod do you use on the picture?
  5. Be nice please! He is trying and this is first time he do this.No reason for comments like this.You can help if you say's i do not like this or i love this :)
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  6. well i think that is looking good the way is it is ^^ therefore try to make it better when you think :S
  7. very nice .good job mate.:thumbsup:
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  8. Thank you :D
  9. You cheeky git.

    Right, lets see you do a mod that is better than this but does the same thing. You have a challenge. Lets see if you are man enough to complete it or say sorry.
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  10. Very good way to start counter-attack.
    I did not say the mod is bad, I said the text on DRS looks disgusting, because it is italic. Don't change my words.
  11. Dont diss other peoples work without being able to do it better yourself. Still waiting for your better less disgusting effort????????
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  12. I'd rather you guys stop fighting right now. LOL
    I've ran out of popcorn already. It's fine, thanks @Andy Jackson for your support.
    and @einogm if you don't like it just say you don't like the font/italics and not just say it's disgusting, it's not going to help me improve the mod.
  13. Just can't stand ungrateful idiots. Keep up the good work.
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  14. hey! men i like you OSD is awesome you should create other styles and other fonts! i liked!
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  15. textures which are amending? could you tell me the names?
  16. I'm sorry, I don't quite get what you're saying. Could you rephrase that? :p
  17. I'm sorry but I would like to modify my osd, but not which ones should I change ...