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Audio Problem

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Ian Cameron, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Suddenly my co drivers voice can't be heard when I connect my headphones, all other sounds are ok just no co driver, when I unplug it from my speakers his voice comes back.

    Any help on this please and which is best settings for audio generally for a creative Soundblaster SB X-Fi through 5.1 speakers.
  2. if your headphones are just standard stereo plugged in on a 3.5 jack then the problem could be that you need to set it to stereo in the pc sound settings as normally a co drivers voice comes through the centre speaker on a 5.1 setup worth a try:)
  3. You were bang on with that thank you.
    I'm pretty sure it worked before on 5.1 setting maybe that was before the last update and after it, it no longer works.
    If that is the case then maybe the issue needs addressing in an update, shame to have to keep swapping from one to the other.
    Any how thanks for replying and giving me the answer to the problem.
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  4. No problem glad i could help