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Audio Interview with Andy Tudor on pCARS (Babogames)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ian Dancy, May 25, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Babogames did an audio interview with Andy Tudor on pCARS....

    Broom! Nice work Andy [​IMG]

    lol 09.31 - I think he pulled?!
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Some interestng stuff especially about the team features that Andy speaks off. Something I really miss in other racing games. Working together with multiple people to achieve a common goal through various roles. Like! :thumbsup:

    But this interviewer is one of the worst I have ever listened too. Hasn't played the game himself. Based his questions on what he "saw" and "heard" on the internet. Loves the handling of cars in SHIFT and hasn't asked one single critical question and basically fanboys himself through the interview how great everything is opening the door for a 30 minutes commercial. :)
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  3. Mapu


    I agree Bram. Not one critical remark has been made. Nice interview, mostly talking about trivial things. :giggle:
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  4. Yes a rubbish interview. Good advertising for a console game though.
  5. Well... you have to be a member to get access to the builds. You want a member - who is involved in the project - to do an interview?
  6. There have been some good interviews from press who are "members". This just wasn't one of them. :)

    Most members aren't really involved in the project. They simply paid their money and never post on the forums. Their only involvement is downloading the builds. So a web site throwing in 10 euro just to get access to a playable demo isn't really "involved".
  7. Mapu


    Question the reason why some people threw 10€ at the developers and don't get involved further.;)
  8. Money making exercise IMHO. A good one too.
  9. Because despite the bullshit of "you can come on the forums and tell us how to make the game", they have a predetermined idea of what the game will be, so if you paid your tenner and asked, "hey, SMS, could you actually make this a sim", you'll be ignored, abused or refunded.
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  10. Some normal feedback on the FFB almost got me banned for some reason...
    I have nothing against the game btw. Its a oke racing game but its far from a replacement for the sims i now race. But the next to that its probably gonna be a nice racing game for the Sunday afternoon.
    I do have a problem with how they handle feedback and there customers/members.

  11. Spot on. It was always pre-determined. Getting mugs to pay upfront to beta test was a work of genius.
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  12. martinsalat


    but you never ask so why do you know that;)
  13. Because genius, I can "read", and regularly read the forums there....
  14. martinsalat


    but you cant write.0 post since 06-02-2012 and you "read" just what you want to read expert.but maybe you`ll be ignored for stupid questions
  15. LOL, u do make me laugh...
  16. martinsalat


    but i can understand why you don't write.you get 2 times banned from vr.,get warned at rf2 after 2 posts and the ir. guys don't like you also.;)
  17. I'm basically respected more than I'm liked.
  18. martinsalat


    your also not respected.;)
  19. As long as I'm in your thoughts I'm happy:D
  20. I must say, I know Ivo is a fair well mannered guy, so if even him got close to get banned for a little feedback about FFB, them cavemans (devs, mods, whatever) are truly morons, just sayin'.
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