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Audi S line steering wheel mod by Leopoldo Ramirez

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Nicholas Chong, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. I would like to share with you guys here this amazing mod I got Leopoldo to make for me. For the longest time I was stalking on eBay looking for affordable stock car steering wheels with the intention to mod it for simracing. I mean, looking at how pricey some of these custom simracing steering wheel solutions are. I figured not many would have thought of converting these kinda steering wheels for simracing use. So I commissioned this simracing hardware maestro, Leopoldo Ramirez to make this possible. With the new high torque wheel bases like osw and accuforce. Getting ffb through to this large diameter and heavy wheel wouldn't be a problem. In fact it will actually give a natural dampening effect to some of these strong servo motors.

    I have to comment that this wheel conversion is an absolutely stellar job. It's fitted with custom magnetic shifters that gives a positive click feel very similar to Simon Hodgson and Martin ascher shifters.
    There's a great amount of work he has to go through to cut the steel frame of the back end to fit these shifters. All the buttons and dials work, the original red led backlights work when plugged into usb. Leo even mentioned it was one of his hardest work piece.

    I got the wheel of ebay for about 200usd and an airbag cover from aliexpress for around 50.
    The rest of the workmanship was Leopoldo.

    Okay, enough talk. Here are the images.

    12084737_10156121839975593_1990164446_o.jpg 12059694_10156123538010593_2043334707_o.jpg 12076515_10156123536750593_1551683844_o.jpg 12059567_10156123537040593_1663920549_o.jpg 12059634_10156123537470593_100303490_o.jpg

    Here's a work in progress video he sent me while making it.

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  2. Pretty sick. Which one is Leopoldo again? That's not the chap from simfai is it?

    Post a web URL if there is one!
  3. Yep he's from Spain. Has mostly just a youtube channel. And SimFai from singapore represents him on certain products now. I contacted him before SimFai was formed.
  4. Cool. If you don't mind you should post one of his vids!

    Edit- my bad, I see you already have. Thanks!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2015
  5. Looks lovely; do all the wheel buttons light up and work in game?
  6. Read what he posted, Its all there. :D
  7. driving videoooooo!!!!!
  8. Yeah sorry, was at work and only had time to skim through the pictures! Great idea to use a road car wheel though...
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2015
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  9. Haven't recorded a driving video. But yes, all the buttons and lights work really well. Amazing shifter feel and in many ways, much better than the original road car wheel feel. mounting it on an accuforce direct drive wheel feels amazing. Overall, it really helps with immersion. running road cars in project cars. Also has a nice large diameter for dirt rally.
  10. Hello, vry very nice... I'm loving it ...
    How much for this beauty ?
    Thank you !!
  11. Wow, just like a real one. That's astonishing!

    Nothing for me though, it has way too much salesmenvibe to my liking