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Skins Audi RS4 B8 Avant LPD Streetracer 1.0

LPD Streetracer Edition

  1. Lucian Paine submitted a new resource:

    Audi B8 RS4 Avant LPD Streetracer - LPD Streetracer Edition

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  2. I like this skin. I like the car in your link too, but there seems to be an issue. In a race with identical cars, only the drivers and the car shadows are visible, until you get really close to them. I reported it on the AC forum, but the topic was quickly removed after I got an answer it was probably a ripped mod.
    No explanation from AC though... Any idea ? Is this an "illegal" mod ?
  3. quickly following the links you'll end on a facebook page with this as description for the mod:
    FH1 = Forza Horizon 1, so yeah, its a rip. As expected someone who spends maybe 20 minutes total on importing the model won't spend anymore time on bug testing or anything else. Physics probably ripped from Kunos BMWs with some AWD slapped ontop
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  4. OK, thanks. I was not aware of that. Better delete it, but I'll sadly loose your skin too... :rolleyes:
  5. Hello Fanapryde,

    to be honest i have no idea where the mod comes from and i just drive the car for time attack on several tracks. i just saw the car where the link was going to and thought maybe someone else would love it too. So sadly to hear that, but we will see what will happen to the mod anyway.
  6. I think I will too. Found another RS4, that has not got the invisibility issue, but no idea if that is ripped or not. But it does not look so good as the other. Maybe I'll just use it for hotlapping too... ;)
  7. Lol didn't you ask this on the AC forums too? And yeah, the thread was taken down since its a rip.
  8. Yes, I did! :)
    I believe it was you who replied about it being a rip ? But when I wanted to take a look the topic was gone. No problem, but one could expect some explanation from the forum. It's not like everybody knows all about mods. I found the skin here on RD, followed the link to the car. Little did I know it was ripped content.
  9. Tbh most mods are ripped unless stated otherwise. I'd say the majority of the stuff over at "assetto-db" are Forza rips, and that's why the physics are always so shocking - they don't put any effort in.

    As I said over at the other forums, I won't really provide help for ripped stuff, as its disrespectful toward modders who put in the effort themselves. Need help with a proper scratch made mod, I'll always do my best to help though.
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