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Featured Audi R18 TDI Ultra Released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    R3E Audi R18 Released.jpg
    Following on from a substantial update to RaceRoom Racing Experience and re-shuffling of in-game car classes, Sector3 Studios have today released for purchase the Audi R18 TDI Ultra to join its fellow prototype counterparts in the LMP1 class in the game.

    The R18 is now available to purchase in store, however, working offline multiclass racing is not currently implemented in game, but is being worked on by the studio.

    Of course online multiclass is live and the team over at Sector3 are currently testing large grid servers to improve stability under heavy load. Sector3 have released the short teaser video below giving fans a first good look at RaceRoom's latest offering.

    Check out the RaceDepartment RaceRoom Racing Experience Racing Club for high quality and friendly club racing across all the content within the simulator.

    #instabuy? Have you tried the Audi in game yet? Will you be making the purchase of this legendary LMP1 machine? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. BoogerMac


    Time to make use of that wonderful "Test Drive" feature!
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  3. Still waiting on a "buy-everything" pack and the always-online requirement being removed...
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  4. Both the P1 and P2 classes are much better after the updates. Try the free ones, they are really fast and a lot of fun! I had a P2 Radical before and it is really good now. 40 car grid at Spa...whoo hoo.
    I'll be test driving the Audi.......it sounds great.
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  5. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    And........ Purchased :D
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  6. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium


    I might have a look at this game again!
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  7. I like the car.:)
    Really wish they would add online driver swaps but sadly its very low priority or not coming at all.:(
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  8. Finally a LMP1 to drive!
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Purchased but no testing as yet, if the LMP2 & Chev Daytona prototype after the update are anything to go by, it's going to be a rewarding purchase at 299Vrp.

    But the million dollar question everyone will ask is, do Raceroom & S3S intend to add the rest of the LMP1 cars to complete the class of 2012 with the addition of the Peugeot 908, Dome S102.5, HPD ARX-03a, Lola B12/60, Pescarolo 03 and the Toyota TS030 Hybrid. As these were the cars running in LMP1class for the 2012 season, giving us a genuine 7 car class of endurance racers.

    Then there's the question of the 8 circuits used for series that year being, Sebring, Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans, Silverstone, Sao Paulo, Bahrain, Fuji with the final race at Shanghai, S3S will have nuch work to do to even bring half of the tracks to it's user base, seeing as Spa is all they have to put towards an endurance series at present.

  10. Guys, please post away videos of this! I am curious to see when they will begin work on the Group C Nissan and this would be a good first glimpse at the quality potential. Assuming they're moving more towards a more realistic feel instead of the too easy to drive and exceed the limits. Now they just need to fix all of the menus, and address the user unfriendliness of it all... Goodness gracious.
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  11. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium

    Great car.....but the game engine at the Nordschleife sucks :devilish: Ohter tracks are fine now
  12. what do you mean, performance? only have the demo content here.. didnt drived it for a long time tho.
  13. Well they will not offer that permanently but last Black Friday I bought the "All-in-one" Pack. Maybe Sector3 offers that again this year.
  14. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium

    No i have the full game.....yes performance....is on every track fine....only on the nordschleife iit is a bit bad :cautious:
  15. I just got it. Its great buy and its good to see Proper LMP1 cars in the game
  16. SOLO59


    OMG must have car!
  17. jimortality


  18. I've bought this beast without any doubt but I really miss a proper 3 screen support and every time I end up on just doing a few laps and then quit :(
    Anyoje have any news if this feature has raised in the priority list of S3 for R3E?! Because it's really a great seim but since I went a few months ago with a 3 screen setup it rapidly went down on my preferences.

    Talking about the car, it work really great and it will be a blast in the feature with multiclass racing
  19. FFB seems a bit weak for a high downforce car but otherwise, a good purchase.
  20. The patch introduced a FFB multiplier setting for individual cars, so you could turn it up for the R18.