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Skins Audi F1 Team 1.2

Full Team

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  1. Looks nice to me! The look of the skin reminds me of the Marussia :D
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  2. Very nice,thank you so much,:thumbsup:
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  4. Thank you!Really nice simple car...but one thing,look at the rear wing;) 2013-05-25_00001.jpg

  5. Oops.
    Thanks. ;)
  6. Can you fix it?I have change this in main.tga,but it´s also in speccoc...:unsure:And it is possible change pirelli with michelin?:cool::whistling:
  7. Yup i'll fix it right now.
  8. Thank you...
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  9. Welcome buddy.
  10. 1 question i can now do everything only why is the car so shiny what for colour must i do or what for effect or something?

  11. You will have to adjust its speccoc file according to the colours.
  12. yeah that's what i dont understand what you must do there or better how? i use red and white

  13. Speccoc files are a bit tricky to make.
    Perhaps i'm not the best to explain this.
    Just check out other speccoc files, particularly for light colours like white.
    For eg. : you will need dark purple shade for white, as the lighter the shade it will give more shine.
    Accordingly you'll have to adjust for the colours you have on your texture.
  14. an you not make everything purple or something?

  15. Not everything purple, its just an example.
    Adjust it accordingly.