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ATI graphics optimization

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Marc Good, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Hi dear NKPro drivers
    I'm running on a system with a HD 4870 GPU and have played around a bit with the AA and AF settings in Cataclyst and ingame.

    One point is that I can't set the in-game value to maximum for AA as it says it's not supported on the loading screen. That should not be that much of a problem as I'm able to set it to the second highest value.

    But the graphics don't look as good as they could in my opinion. I'm not at home currently so can't post any screenshots.
    The cars itself look great with all the reflections and stuff - but the track and grass appear to have graphical problems. Such as pixelsized holes/white spots all over the place. Makes for a sparkling image that looks not very realistic.

    Anyone else having similar graphics output?

    Disclaimer: Maybe it's just NKPro's graphics engine but I only heard good things about it and how realistic it looks.. and I don't feel like I'm there yet in terms of realistic graphical representation.
  2. My gpu is a Ati4850, i have the same results. I've tried imo all the different settings. I hope someone has an solution for this graphical problem, it would make the game even better (if possible... ;). So I can't help you, maybe someone else knows the solution...
  3. You can force higher AA and AF in ATI Catalyst control center.
  4. Yes, that's what I already tried and never got satisfying results out of the netKar graphics engine. Was just wondering if that's what netKar looks like on ATI cards or if anyone found any solution to this 'issue' if I might call it that..

    Judging by Gerards response it appears to be normal. Quite sad actually, but I'm happy enough with netKar like it is =) BUT, there is room for improvement IMO
  5. Hmm, my brother runs it on a 4890 and it looks just fine. AA and AF working perfectly. Not a jaggy or a shimmer in sight. All settings are forced through the drivers as the results were better than the in game AA/AF options.

    Really don't know what to suggest i'm afraid.
  6. Hi I'm using a HD4870, and in my opinion it looks fine.
    I also use the ATi control center for the graphics settings.

    Will post my settings when I'm behind my game P.C. tomorrow :smile:
  7. try using older drivers, like catalyst 9.9 or 9.10, after 9.11 till today none of them worked correctly (AA+AF) on mine 4870
  8. @Dario: Thanks for the suggestion, might well be the problem.
    @Katsushika: I'm going to try your settings, would be great if it'd help :thumbup:

    As I've had to do a fresh install of Win7 on my PC yesterday I first have to reinstall nK Pro. Will then get back with the results and some screenshots, if the problem persists.
  9. To get a great image at Netkar Pro, without any aliasing, i must use Supersampling AA 4X with my 5850. To bad the frame hit make it unplayable for me. Supersampling AA2x is what i use now, its not so great but much better than other options. Without SSAA the tracks looks very aliased. Im playing at 1920x1080 with a 4core Q6600@3ghz.
  10. just to give less load to your graphic card (all brand) I suggest to disable shadows in next way

    edit "nk3d.cfg" located under ..\My Documents\netKar PRO\cfg and modify as below leaving the rest as is
    REMOTESHDW=0 (default =1)
    CARSHADOWS=0 (default =2)

    please before use it in race do some practice test because someone got issues with values at zero (own shadow spread over the track :confused:)
    I tryed it at Crema without issues

    hope it helps

  11. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Gday all,
    thought I'de let you know I'm running an ATI Sapphire HD5850 1Gb DDR5, I downloaded the latest Catalyst drivers v10.5 from AMD's site and Ive had no problems at all running with 2,4,8xAA. My PC isnt anything special either, water cooled Q9550 2.83Ghz CPU @ 3.6Ghz, 4x1Ghz corsair 1066mhz memory, Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 M/B. I'm running windows 7 32bit, there is one other thing worth a mention here, I use Orbit Game Booster, it shuts down all those apps that can take up large amounts of processing resources and ram megs, it's pretty straight forward little app to use as well. Take a look, it works well for me.

    Hope someone gets some good from it.

    Stay Frosty
  12. Hmm yeah got the same. Just tried the demo (great game btw and FF) but i didnt got the Graphics right.
    16xAA was not supported it said and and 8xAA didnt change anything graphic wise to no AA.
  13. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Ivo, I have the same issues too.

    So you did get the graphics right mate.
  14. I had similar problems in other games, and found changing the AA type helped. Try changing the AA type in the Catalyst control center between box, edge-detect etc and see if there's a difference...

    Can't test this as I'm not at home at the moment.
  15. What a timing. I was just thinking about it. And was planning to search for a solution. :)
    Thanks Lee will try it. :)
  16. No probs, hope it works out for you guys like it has on mine. I set the AA in game to X8 if that helps. Also, thats with the 10.5 WHQL drivers and the 10.9 app profiles over the top as crossfire is perfect on all sims with these 2.
  17. Yeah that helped alot. Thanks. :)
  18. I've an nvidia XFX 260GTX216SP . Antialiasing give very nice result (AAx4 , AFx16).

    I've test a XFX 5870 card and AA with netkar looks "very bad" ...only supersampling give good result (as nvidia supersampling) but it cost a lot of ressources.

    I think it could be related to LOD. It seems that ATI card use a lower lod or don't have an option to CLAMP lod as nvidia does. With ATI tray tools i've put lod level from 0 to 1 and it looks better.

    my 2 cents.