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ATi driver, which one are you using?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Johan Top, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Since Simbin installed the new patch the race series is as slow as crap on my system. Stutters as many no one likes.

    In the past I've given setups in the ATi screen that helped numerous of people, but I can't solve it now.

    I'm using an HD4850 and I'm running maxed out, 8xAA, 16xAF and 1920*1080 on 22" monitor. I also do not want to lower this as I'm used to these settings..

    So I'm focusing on ATi drivers now, and have tried 9.6, 9.9 and 9.10 all of them didn't solve it..

    I think it's a problem with the latest patch... But if someone has it running smoothly, please tell me how...
    OT: The offline pre-release version of Race On worked sooo smooth..

    //edit tried around and so, and it seems it's mainly Curitiba causing a problem. All other tracks are doing fine..
  2. go back to the 8.X series? I am using a smaller card then yours and I think we do use the same driver sets. I have 8.6 something. :)
  3. yes i heard few ppl got problem since new patch simbim shutter etc,.

    well i use HD4890 now i just update driver to new 9.10 seem ok ,9.6 is a good 1, but you can try 9.0 + i heard there good to,now for shuttering it can be few thing ,check is temp ok in your vid card, v-sing on -off try that ,triple buferring check ,uncheck and see?

    my CCC 8xAA, 16xAF and 1920*1080 32 ich, v-sync is on for me since im using TV LCD so i wont dmg IT ,tiple buffering off,

    As for me im not shuttering only when it raining at 80%+
    But since im using 2 monitor with motec RTT+MOTEC ADD, XD in game well sometime i get lag spike nothing to worry it dont botther me much ,i been racing since 4 month with this card np in game racing never never freeze:) etc. i hope more ppl wil post there feedback it always interesting with vid card settign :) IMO


    EDIT; best test track IMO with shuttering TRY BRANDS HATCH lol so many trees.. i remember my old vid shuttering fest in brand :)
  4. Temp is not a problem, 36 idle and 60 load in my new computer case. Formerly it was 38 idle, 65 load..
    Regards to drivers, I don't want to go back too far mainly cause of GTA4 having problems in old drivers. 9.6 worked fine for a long while, until after the patch. But now I read your story Michel, I think it's the latest patch with a problem.

    Settings in CCC
    8xAA, 16xAF, Catalyst AI disabled, mipmap @ quality, vsync on

    Like I've always recommended these settings.

    I think I'll wait for the patch from Simbin then.. And not drive Curitiba in th meanwhile.
  5. yes me to i was using 9.6 til last week i wanna try 9.10 looks the same ,\
    Catalyst AI disabled good point i forgot to put that in my post disable that is really important ,i even heard that ppl was playing GTA4 was making shuttering with Catalyst AI on etc,
  6. Hi Johan, when I had my 4850 512mb I would get stuttering on certain tracks (after Simbin released a patch around the time of STCC) , basically I found tracks with lots of trees close to the track would lag. The only solution I found was the reduce the AA in the video options to 2 samples rather than 3 and reduce the track view distance to far.

    Hope this helps.

    Since I got my 5850 everything is maxed! :D :woot2:
  7. I have the 512MB version and never had these problems until the last patch:thinking:. I've always ran maxed out.
    I'd like to have a 5850, but atm it's too expensive for me and I'd have to upgrade my whole computer.

    here it's basically Curitiba, Road America after the kink and the Nordschleife are all doing fine except Curitiba and brands a bit. I don't know what Simbin did with the latest patch to create worse results :(

    Turning down AA works, but I just don't want to do that :p. And I guess you know why :p.. Simbin just should fix these issues..
  8. btw is windowed mode wil affect my performance?
    that what im using btw.
  9. Newest.
  10. 3870, latest driver (just got updated recently by win-update), win7

    I did not change anything in CCC, so what ever the default is. The game I confiured for 3xAA (interesting one, how does this relate to the CCC configuration)?

    No problems here. Details in game all at max @ 1600x1050 plus a second screen with 1200x1024.
  11. 1xAA game = 2x in Catalyst
    2xAA game = 4x in catalyst
    3xAA game = 8x in catalys
  12. Getting my 5850 later on today. Has anyone tried out the newest driver, 9.11?

    Just wondering. :)
  13. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yes i use 9.11 on my 5850 and all maxed out very very smooth, even with rain on 1920 x 1200. Also max AA settings and max AA quality.