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ATI 4890 stuttering

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Eric. K, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I bought an ATI 4890 to replace my nvidia 9800 GTX+. The Nvidia card was working great (perfectly smooth picture), but I had the occasional freeze. I decided to give ATI a chance. Well, since I get micro stuttering in the game. I even turned all graphics all the way down with ZERO luck. I am stumped!! Has anyone experienced that before?

    Windows 7 x64
    Processor: Core2 Duo @ 3.2GHz
    4GB of Ram
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Do you have enough free ram before starting the game? I guess Race07.
    I have seen reports of Race07 using 1.5gb memory sometimes.
    Did you had win7 rc before running ok?

    Micro stutters I experienced when Race07 demo was released. For me it was due to a hd heavily fragmented, even defragment was not solving it.
    I did a HD format and copy/paste the installation again.
  3. Everything worked great with the 9800. All I did was to remove the old card, put the new one and remove all NVIDIA drivers (used driver sweeper in safe mod). Also, there is nothing else running on that machine except Race07 so there is nearly 3gb of free memory. :(
  4. Try a different driver set unless you have allready, then see how it is.
  5. I only tried the latest and greatest from AMD. I can try older ones, but if that is the issue I am going to return the card today (last thing I want to deal with is drivers versioning).

    I spent most of the night reading about 4890 and micro stuttering. Apparently, it is not uncommon:( I might try turning V-sync off in the game, but that will create its own issues (tearing).
  6. New drivers just cause problems. Well they have for me whenever i have updated my Graphics card drivers.

    have you tried adjusting things in the ATI Catalyst control center?

    have you Checked that something is using your pc alot while your on Race 07?
  7. yep... set everything to high perf low quality... set EVERYTHING in the game to low

    There is nothing else running on that system (it is pretty much a clean install except for Race07) and everything was nice and smooth with the 9800.
  8. Is this Micro Stuttering all the time? or just in the Wet?

    There aren't other drivers for Windows 7, So that scraps using a different driver.
  9. Ye, ATi drivers are a bit worse then Nvidia ones in general ( I know not in ISI gmotor game engines though where Nvidia drivers don't seem to like the engine to much for some people )

    Try some older ones if the solution your trying above don't work, hope it does though.
  10. Quick update. Case solved:) Enabling DirectX triple buffering solved the issue. The stuttering is gone (at least in the 2 laps I just did). I have the game with all the graphics maxed out:)
  11. Hehe evo is nothing fro a card like that, don't even touch the sides! You should try something more demanding and better looking just to enjoy the power :D
  12. If only I had the time:)

    Actually I only bought a new video because I was tired of the Evo freezes. Let's see if I see them again over the weekend.
  13. if you are freez free i mean totaly free let me know plz :)
  14. Lately I was having 1 freeze per race. The game would stop for about 10+seconds, then I would be back on the track on the same spot. I have a 90mins race tomorrow with the F1s. I will post my first impressions afterwards.
  15. I had it to before Eric, change of drivers fixed it, but for some of you seems a bit more then that.
  16. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i have a Nvidia 8800 GT, i rarely had freeze up and i'm using the drivers that came with the card when i bought it almost 2 years ago. my motherboard is an asus and the video card is the same brand that might explain why i have so little freeze up.
  17. Nah, on my desktop I have a 8800 EVGA card and a ASUS board. However, since I never play games on here I havent updated the drivers in months. My brother who is in town started using it to drive and same deal as you Yves. Zero freezes or any type of crashes. Are the OLD OLD OLD drivers the answer??
  18. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    just might be Eric, all the problem people had with the game this pass few months was never really a problem for me and thats the only thing i never did compare to everybody is to update my driver.
  19. humm... so from now on if I get the game stable enough I will never update the drivers again...