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ATENTION: McLaren Resolution Problem Fix

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by IcemanLFS, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Hi, everyone
    After installing the fantastic 2xHD McLaren made by ML2166 and tng some new cams, i notice that the lateral side body parts of the car were missing in the t-cams.

    The original file in the t-cam and pod cam is:

    <Parameter name="highResInterior" type="bool" value="true" />

    This should give a high interior textures and show the whole car, but for reasons i don´t know why i doesn´t.

    so, i change all cameras to

    <Parameter name="highResInterior" type="bool" value="false" />

    and voilà!, i got the whole car in a very, very high resolution textures, but we loose the interior textures.

    So we have to choose: the whole body car or the interior textures in the cockpit.!!!!
    This happened also with a non-hd livery.

    Anyone knows how to fix this??

    ML2166 2xHD livery just look amazing!!!!!

    This only happened with McLaren car.

    So try and you will see the difference!!!!!

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  2. gracias
  3. will you please give me a fixed file with this? :rolleyes:
  4. Could you release that T-Cam please ? It looks amazing.
  5. Yes, i'm preparing the release of my t-cam mod based on 2012 tv-style. It will have all the 2012 tv cams as seen on tv for all cars. I will be releasing it soon.
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  6. Great news kind Sir!
  7. Thanks, cant wait for them :D
  8. It's greet to see you had not given up on this , your work was stunning , men!!It was the best cam mod i used so far in this game:).I planned to do all tv- style like yours when i will have some free time to do it but if you do it that would be brilliant!!:):We really appreciate your effort !Keep up!!
  9. i look forward to the release :)
  10. Isn't it a bug Codemasters should fix? I noticed this with the stock game already. :O_o:
  11. I already fix this, it will be included in my camera mod. Will be released this week.
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  12. Without losing interior textures?
  13. yes, with full high interior textures and full high body car textures.
  14. sorry i have those cameras but i dont have a link try searching it