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Astroturf material grip

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Marco Conti, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. I know you guys are quite busy, this is a new game, we are almost at the end of a season and you may be tired, but please, when you release tracks, check the astroturf grip. My room mates are quite religious and i don't want to be loud and rude when i religiously complain about the astroturf grip on tracks. :)
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  2. lol... I agree
  3. modedit: stop trolling ondrej
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  4. Actually a god Christian remix version, with strong Italian accent on top of it.
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  5. Agreed @ Mod. It's pretty annoying.
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  6. The stripe section between kerb and astroturf is still super slippery, it's enough to barely touch it to get a spin. This material is in sector1 and spoon curve
  7. Change set then :D
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  8. Yeah i have no problem with that astroturf. We have a bit less grip but not critical. Maybe a setup issue indeed
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  9. is not setup, is that stripe of material, which is not astroturf.
  10. TDF file indicates it has same grip as curb, i.e., more grip than astro. My guess is that it's again about this dip in elevation, which I removed from Degner 1.
  11. astroturf in that turn is made out of pro racers tears (who are eagerly waiting for post-race checks)
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  12. You wont have it in time for this race unfortunatly.

    Anyway I can tell you that you effectively cutted 7-8 times (It was protested by a driver) during the race so 60 sec time penalty will be added to your final race time.

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  13. I wonder who was the ***** who complained so in the next race I can treat him like a *****

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  14. OK Marco... i just understand what you mean.
    Yes i suffer that too, but it was caused by a light height difference between the kerb and that stripe, so the car is surfing on the kerb, relieving some weight on the tyres, causing the spin. I had that this morning in the 130R
  15. Thats not the relevant fact, you have to be more carefull when you drive, so nobody can protest you.

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  16. It's the same as in Montreal, there was very little grip over the 3D curbs with edges that Dominguez made, for example last chicane. Something with the rF2 tire model.
  17. sure, when I get home I'll check my replay.
    It's just that I had basically no battles in the race and wasn't close with anyone for a long period, so the girl who protested must really dislike me. Just would be nice to know who :)
  18. It wasn't me. But I agree with Carlos. The 0.5 seconds you gained in total for cutting say 8 times, is not worth the penalty. Don't do it. ;)
  19. If you think I cut intentionally then you must be not so bright. Anyway I will check my replay when I get home tonight. No idea at the moment what turns I could have cut.
  20. Nice attempt at an insult. :thumbsup:

    But you're the one who cut and didn't even realise it, so 4 fingers directed back at yourself and all that.

    And I'm gonna guess it was T4, on the exit kerb mostly. Good luck with your search.