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Skins Aston Martin V8 GTE #97 24 Heures Du Mans 2015 Art Car 1.1

Design by Tobias Rehberger, driven by R. Bell, S. Mücke and D. Turner

  1. Reiche submitted a new resource:

    Aston Martin V8 GTE #97 24 Heurs Du Mans Art 2015 Car - Design by Tobias Rehberger, driven by R. Bell, S. Mücke and D. Turner

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  2. Added:
    - new screenshots
    - instructions on how to change -- tires
    -- cockpit-view banner
  3. Great livery! could you please make the Gulf version too?
  4. Thank you, it was lots of work..
    Have a look here for the Gulfs
  5. I've downloaded that before, did you make that too?
    I really wonder howerver, why all the custom livery doesn't have the tyre's names on their tyres? (Michelin, Dunlop) does downloadingthe mod tyres will help?
  6. I only made the art car..
    It depends on which tire texture you want to have on the car. Some are already in the files plus there is an excellent tire pack mod. With this mod there should be a more detailed instruction on how to install them (the lines you have to add for the Michelin tires on my screenshots are included in my describing/overview).

    There are quite a few options to add details to custom liveries (and add and choose multiple liveries), but it isn't intuitive at first sight..

    The reason for the missing tires is probably a licensing issue, I guess they didn't get a license to show both fictional and real logos on custom livery cars.

    W.r.t. your first question: which Gulf version are you particularly looking for?
  7. Ah, okay I see.. Thanks!
    The 2014 one, but it's okay this one is good as well
  8. I'm gonna send you a PM later, they were "hidden" in the game files..
  9. By the way I'm using the Custom Liveries right now, and I'm confused how to use it, there is no Custom livery on the list