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Skins Aston Martin Driver Suit, Gloves & Helmet for AC RC1.09 1.0

You can use with any car but ideally for use with the URD EGT mod.

  1. Works fine. Just change the driver name on driver3d.ini. Use driver_rsr instead of driver or other name.

  2. Thanks I will try it when I get home!
  3. Hmm applied to my Zagato's and now they won't load. Got any step by step suggestions?
  4. Probably you made something wrong or your mod is bad because it works fine

    Tested on Oreca, just changed "driver" by "driver_rsr" and renamed "driver_gloves_grey" to "driver_gloves"

    EDIT : ok, i worked on this Suit to make it compatible with 2016 Suit (including Crew Suit), i can send you these files if you want. Not perfect but better than nothing.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
  5. Yes could you please send them. Should I give my email here or elsewhere?