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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Old Croc, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Old Croc

    Old Croc
    Old Croc Premium

    I have been very confused lately as to the use of assists in racing online. Some says that assists are only used in " arcade racing " and not in real life. Does abs and tc for instance fall under assists and what about kers, drs, stability control and even automatic gearboxes and cockpit view.
    My view is that drivers should be able to use whatever assists they need to help them to be more competitive excluding steering and braking help without the server deciding what is available and forcing them to accept it.
    Most racers says they want to compete under " real " conditions but is forcing you to race without assists really the answer?
    Your comments are eagerly awaited.
  2. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Well, cockpit view certainly ISN'T an assist. If anything, using chase cam is an assist, what with the enhanced vision of whats coming ahead. At least in cockpit view, you're seeing what a real driver sees. Auto gearboxes arent an assist, they're a hindrance IMHO.
  3. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium

    If there is a race with cars that have ABS or TC, it should a choice to use it.
  4. Old Croc

    Old Croc
    Old Croc Premium

    Well, I agree that cockpit view isn't an assist. Why then would certain leagues force you to drive in cockpit view and also with manual gears. A real driver also see a lot more than the games cockpit view. I drive in bonnet view because i like it so the option of using that view should be up to the driver. Not the league.
  5. ouvert


    If car has electronic systems or if that racing series regulations allows usage of such systems it only makes sense to use them... Whether to make it easier or to preserve tyres.. Nothing arcadish or lame about it...
    Those are car electronic systems... Using game aids is strictly to admin of a server... I personally don't use any aids not installed on car for better experience and i wouldn't like to race on servers where those aids are allowed..simply cause it should be about car control and gaining advantage by using stability help or other aids would be unfair. Auto clutch is bit different as not everybody uses pedals with clutch.. But i never liked how people don't clutch or heel and toe to be more competitive...
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  6. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    When you're playing a game, you're limited to the FOV that your TV/monitor will allow. You could obviously change the FOV, but it may not be realistic as the aspect ratio could make braking points seem further away than they actually are (that's only one example, I'm sure other people can think of more)... Obviously, a real race driver doesn't have such limitations, they see things exactly as it is.

  7. ouvert


    And to cockpit view... When dtm racers start to race in r3e they used bonnet view simply cause cockpit view is not realistic.. In a the way you perceive obstacles in your sight in real life vs in game... Every body should drive with camera and fov he prefers.. as long as higher FOV is not causing issues by misjudging distances and braking points
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  8. You're mixing and matching apples and oranges here.

    It's pretty simple really.

    Assists: Anything that makes the car easier to drive but in an unrealistic way, i.e., but not limited to:
    - ABS
    - Traction Control
    - Launch Control
    - Stability Control

    Features: Stuff that actually exist in the real cars, i.e.
    - KERS
    - DRS
    - Anti-stall

    The one cross-over point here, could be cars that actually have ABS and TC/LC, for example 2002 F1 cars, where these are really features.

    And LOL at KERS/DRS being assists - whoever told you they are that, should stay as far away as possible from motor sports.
  9. Assist can be by drive with a stick instead off a wheel people use stick that can go much faster in tight curves with fullgas and brake to have the rpm max direct out on a curve like to have a pop off in rally in real life with cars that have turbo the car has full turbo pressure.
    Why use ASSISTS well if not all drivers is prodrivers in a server is it better to have ASSISTS to not so experinxed drivers help so it not is so many drivers that makes misstakes every lap brakes to late crash or spin and so on and f. u the race for other drivers in the race.
    Use assist in rf1 in the hdv file exist often this that means that use helps gives Weight penalties
    TC=(0.00,0.005,0.010) // Weight penalties for using different
    ABS=(0.000,0.005,0.010) // levels of aids. First value is typically
    Stability=(0.000,0.005,0.010) // with the aid off so it should be 0.0.
    Autoshift=(0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00) // Penalties should only be applied to
    Steering=(0.000,0.005,0.008,0.020) // aids that the vehicle would not be
    Braking=(0.00,0.005,0.010) // allowed to run with. Penalties should
    Invulnerable=(0.00,0.00) // typically only be used if the aid improves
    Opposite=(0.00,0.00) // laptimes for a decent driver.
    SpinRecovery=(0.00,0.00) // Values are fractions of the total vehicle
    AutoPit=(0.00,0.00) // mass, and are modeled as extra weight in
    AutoLift=(0.00,0.00) // the fuel tank. Do not use negative values.

    About grip on track it exist a mod that tyre grip is 100% even with full throttle in the turns copy that settings in to a car it feelslike train in the turns it never lost the grip it is a RC mod but the settings i have test on other mods wow if online games have g forces like this cars but that not exist with online games this mod is för rfactor 1 Madcowies_Remote_Controlled_Series_V1.0.rar http://trippteamdownload.servegame....R/Madcowies_Remote_Controlled_Series_V1.0.rar
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  10. Old Croc

    Old Croc
    Old Croc Premium

    It does not seem to be so simple as you make out. You are referring to F1 cars which obviously cannot be compared with tintops etc. DRS came out in the DTM mod for the first time this year and would be interpreted as a direct assist. Traction control was part of F1 and still is if i'm not mistaken. If all the pro and alien drivers are so against assists, why not allow the less competent drivers to use this. It will definitely not make them faster, merely more competitive.
  11. 2 things: DRS is not a direct assist, and F1 cars definitely don't have TC anymore.

    You could have all the assists you want for all I care. Nobody said otherwise.
  12. Old Croc

    Old Croc
    Old Croc Premium

    Are you always this tenacious?
    I do not use assists, merely stated that server admins should make these available for less experienced drivers. End of conversation.
  13. Depends. Do you always take this long to consume information?

    Basically, we're saying the same thing. But you'll get it eventually.
  14. fortyfivekev


    I think this very much depends on the vibe the person/league running the server wants to have. If you are running some fun races then by all means allow all assists but if your idea is a testing hardcore championship then you want to attract people who can drive without them. Personally, running assists that the real cars have seems fine to me but otherwise I try to do without.
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  15. Indeed.

    I.e. in FSR there is low TC and ABS allowed, but they make you slightly slower due to weight penalties, so the incentive is there to not use them.

    On the opposite side, we had an FV10 Automobilista race earlier this month here on RD, and I was 1.5 seconds faster with TC on than with it off. It was possible to drive it without the assists, but not at nearly the same speed, as the car was designed to run with it.
  16. The problem is that on some games it feels like the aids such as TC and ABS, aren't realistic at all. They are called TC and ABS but its sometimes feels like they are just put in to make the game easier for people who want it to be easy. I don't think many developers really try and make the TC and ABS realistic, they just throw them in to make things easier.

  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    No, they do that because they have a playstation at home and aren't used to sims :)
  18. ouvert


    :) ok, when DTM racers started to race in r3e they used bonnet view because they have a playstation at home and aren't used to sims but tell us that they do that cause cockpit view is not realistic :D

    not that bonnet view is realistic .. but certainly perception of window pillar, dashboard, etc in real life is way different than in sim ... I preffer cockpit but I also preffer other so use whatever camera they like a that helps them not to cause crashes and have fun :)
  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Because most people set their cockpitview up wrongly. See the latest Twitch episode of RD on Twitch and see the difference. In real life you don't look at your steeringwheel but your eyes look much further. Just a matter of setting it up right ;)

    A proper cockpitview is almost similar to a bonnetview.
  20. ouvert


    yep I agree.. but still .. my view is pretty much the same as yours ... just bit of dash and bit of pillar (somethimes even left mirror) on the left .. depends on car ... but even than it is different ... I can`t lean a bit to look around that pillar in game, I can`t just quickly check with my eyes what is in my peripheral ... I get used to it pretty easily (and to look left/right/behind) but I understand if somebody doesn`t ...
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016