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Assists off

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Manolis Sigoulakis, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I want to disable ABS first and TC next. Which method should I use to make it and which is the best circuit to practice?
  2. Monte Carlo, method staying away of walls.:D I think it's the best to turn off both and drive track that you know good. When you get close to your best time from before and you get comfortable on throttle and brake you will know that you made it.:thumbsup: I am not the best for this kind of advice, but hope this helps.
  3. Will see if this works, thanks anyway for your time Sasha Jednak
  4. It's better to start with ABS off. Use lower braking power until you are comfortable with releasing brake power as you brake.TC off is easy to get used to especially in dry track.Use mix one for start and try in a track that has corners you have to be easy on the throttle in low gears.
  5. I would love to turn off ABS but my pedals are not that sensitive. It's either brakes on or off. HA.
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    It's best to disable TCS & ABS at the same time - if you're used to not shifting manually, leave the gearbox on automatic for the time being. It may take a few hours but that might be the most effective way of learning how to handle the car.

    After all, F1 2012 isn't extremely realistic and it's forgiving - so it shouldn't take you too long to get used to it. :)
  7. I'd suggest drop the TC first. ABS is hard for a new player.

    And I definitely wouldn't suggest Monaco as a practice track. It's too hard for a new guy. Maybe some track with not so much traction and a few downforce corners. Maybe Spain would be nice. Or Silverstone. Or even Canada. My first track with aids off was Canada. And I did drop everything at once on F1 2010. But ABS is hard on this game.

    TC technique is pretty easy. At first start with mid-throttle in the corner without moving. I was like that. Mid-throttle in the corner so I don't spin and then floor it pretty late so I don't spin again but I couldn't be smooth back then.
    As for ABS.. Well, you should slam the brakes at first (high speed to low speed corners) and while car is slowing down release braking power by a little with time.

    Low speed corners I don't think I even floor it. As for Monaco I think I never push the brakes to the max. But I do use 20% brake saturation so I may use 100% brakes but just not pushing the brake pedal to the max.

    You can try dropping everything at once, but I think it's going to be hard on this game. :)

    Hope I've helped. :)
  8. Τhank you all! I will try all the suggestions!
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  9. In Bahrain, I put at the start TC off, but then I thought to try and make it smoothly and put it on medium. I gained 3 tenths on my fastest time, and I put it in off. What a struggle! I will now go with TC medium and ABS off. I use controller but I will see how it goes.
  10. In Monza, TC medium, ABS off, just 0.057s away from my best time. Am I on a good way?
  11. You are in a good way..This 0.057 will vanish when you disable TC.:thumbsup:
  12. I don't know how someone can have problems with TC on this game tbh. You can floor the vehicle even in the middle of the corner. You sure you're not spinning due to curbs or smth like that? TC gives weight penalty. You should give better times with it OFF. But yeah. Switching to medium would be a good start. Soon - OFF. :)
  13. Thanks for the feedback, today I am going to put TC off.

    I have just one question, with ABS off do I need to make any adjustments to the braking setup?
  14. Since you play with pad start with lower braking pressure until you are comfortable with braking.Expect increased braking distance also.
  15. Τhanks for the info!
  16. Another 9 tenths faster! I surprised even myself! I will now work on consistency.
  17. And now 1.1s faster. I keep improving! Also, driving without assists (only automatic gears on) is really really fun!
  18. Nice! 1:40.0 in Austin being consistent!
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  19. ok i'll try too !
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  20. Go for it! Driving is much more fun!