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assigning wing adjustment to button

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Hendrich, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hi guys.
    how do i assign the wing adjustment to 2 buttons instead of going through the menu?
  2. hm, noone knows how to do it?
  3. Hi Chris,

    I have a [PC] Logitech MOMO Force and I would love to have the wings adjustment assigned to just 1 button :)!

    I've tried to get it done using a micro in the Logitech Profiler but in-game it goes only as far as to show Engine & Wing, then it stops. I eventually had to admit defeat and have now regretfully assigned button 1,2,3,4 (F1 2010 calls them 0,1,2,3...) to Left, Right, Up and Down. Very annoying, not to mention dangerous lol, to have to do 3 button presses while racing but that's how it is.
  4. i changed mine to W,A,S,D not the best but ok as my keyboard next to my wheel so i make the changes needed on the main straights
  5. it is a shame the game does not allow you to bind keys that would solve the issuse
    or get a g 15 keyboard or any keyboard with Macro keys and just make a macro with the correct time spacing between the commands that is how i have made my 1 button pust macro

    my menu key is right arrow so the macro would go right arrow, .100,right arrow,.100,down arrow end
    the .100 are .100 of a second so it waits for that ammount of time before it goes on to the next command
    If you have a macro keyboard ggole how to make a macro
  6. Good idea will try that with my G15
  7. Glad I could help macros are the answer to many problems when it comes to multipul buttons need to reach your objective
  8. :) Works a treat Dany cheers :)
  9. In game, I set the menu to the arrow keys, up = up, down = down etc.

    I bound a macro to my G15 keyboard profiler for the G buttons for wing & engine settings etc, like up, pause 0.1, up, pause 0.1, up, which works inside the game, so if I press one of the G buttons, ie G16 = Engine map fast, G13 = Engine map standard it does the appropriate in game menu actions etc.

    I then created a profile for the G27 wheel, using the F1_2010_game.exe (not F1_2010.exe important!!!) and put all the wheel settings the same as the default, I think going over 100 on any of them apart from degrees of rotation causes the wheel to judder violently and you then have to reset everything.

    In the wheel profiler, I then recorded the commands for each button by pressing record and then a G key (G16, G13 etc), which I had previously bound a macro to. This assigned the keystrokes from the G key to the wheel's button.

    Now, if I press one of the wheel buttons, like the top left, it automatically assigns my engine to fast, middle to standard, top right to wing high, middle right to wing low.

    Hope that this helps.
  10. ^^ this is exactly why the menu system needs to go away for 2011
  11. For PC user with Logitech wheel. You can use the profiler to create a macro.

    On my G27, the left side 3 button is set to Fast (top), Standard (Center) and Cruise (bottom)

    While the Right side button, (Top) is Pit Limiter, (Center) is Increase Front Wing and (Bottom) is Decrease Front Wing.

    All button is macro'd except the speed limiter.

    In-Game, i set the Menu navigation to the 4 arrow key and in the macro, i set configure the arrow key to call out the command.

    So example when i press my Top Left button, it will press Up, Up, Up which in turn call out the Fast Mapping.
  12. hello i have managed to set the wing angle on my buttons for the logitech g27 through the logitech profiler that is if you are using a logitech g27 or may be possible for other controllers.

    1. Edit command
    2. Select a button to assign control
    3. Then open options and tick record pauses and move slider up 1
    4. Then hit Record Button and hit keys 2+2+1 on the keyboard not the numeric keypad then stop recording this will setup Wing Up
    5. Then again same process for Wing Down this time 2+2+3
    6. Ideally the key presses need to about 0.1 to 0.3 secs for pressing the keys all together

    I hope this is of help to you or others
  13. Thanks a lot. Can't wait to try this home.
  14. It doesn't work :/
    So I have the 5.10 profiler. I select my two buttons and I select Select Command - New Command. There I open the options and tick record pauses and move slider up 1, then I record my combination. I have assigned the menu to my shifter flower, so I use that. The Pause in between is 0.8. However, in-game it does nothing when I press the button. Obviously when I use the flower manually it works.
    Assigning the menu to keyboard did not work either
  15. Bind the menu key to the 4 directional arrow on your keyboard. Set these in-game.

    You can't use the command key to record the key on your shifter directional button.

    I set Up, Down, Left and Right arrow key in the in-game control setting.
    Game profiler i see those command string

    And everything works perfectly.
  16. Logitech Profiler version 5.10.127 date 06/14/2010

    hello i have uploaded my Logitech profile for you if want to take a look at it or try it out.

    this profile and settings work for me fine also you may need to in the f1 2010 game options menu select custom controls

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  17. Your post Lars gave me motivation to setup my own key macro :)

    Although I don't have enough keys on the wheel to use the look left and right stuff, I don't like to take my hands off the wheel, although I do for selecting the tyre choice, which are all macro'd to my keyboard.

    Incidentally, I tried recording the arrow keys macro directly to my wheels buttons initially, but this didn't work, so I did it through my keyboard profiler, which did work for some reason.
  18. Having one button to quickly press in the heat of battle, before or even during a corner, adjusting the wing is irreplaceable. On some tracks, it really is very useful to be able to change the wing muliple times, or when the tyre start going off.
  19. Indeed, I have crashed many times due to navigating through menu system and being distracted.