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Assetto Corsa: which cars have most real handling/physics?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hi
    I'm new to AC, haven't tried all the cars yet. I've noticed some have physics that I find quite unconvincing (Mercedes EVO 190 DTM for example) and others are quite good (Nissan GTR-GT3, BMW M235i for example). And there are plenty I'm not quite sure about.

    What do you think? Which cars convince you?

    I'd love to know...

    EDIT: I re-tried the Mercedes DTM, seems a bit better than it first seemed to me.
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Well they're all based off real life data that Kunos obtain directly from the manufacturers, so every car is about as realistically represented as you can buy for a modern day consumer simulator.

    Just out of curiosity, what about the Mercedes 190 DTM do you think is wrong? I as driving it this morning and it feels awesome to drive. Great competitor to the E30 DTM and the 155.
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  3. [QUOTE="Chris Stacey, post: 1997427, member: 63636"what about the Mercedes 190 DTM do you think is wrong?[/QUOTE]
    Well, for me, its hard to explain how a car's handling is convincing or not. Also I didn't spend much time with the 190 DTM. As you're keen on it, I'll give it another go to see if it grows on me.
  4. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Since you didnt drive that car for real,you dont know how it handles and the fact that you find GTR or GT class good cars then you should ask yourself,why whould they fake one car and another one use real data.The SIM delivers the same phisycs for all the cars.That doesnt mean they are 100% right,but the feeling is authentic in all cars...
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  5. I didn't say I found all the GT class cars good. I've only tried two of them so far, and found the Nismo the more convincing.
    I wouldn't think they'd "fake" any car's handling, just that they achieve it better with some cars than with others.
    And I reckon that there must be more to getting a car's handling right than simply inputting the right data. Also, what data do you choose to input, and what do you ignore?
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  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    I dont know,but to assume that one car has unconvincing physics you need a base so how can i say "this feels not right...but i never drive one so i dont really know if this is how it should....but i think its unconvincing..."
    If you really want to make a test,try the road versions because its the closest you would drive IRL..
    I am not saying its good or bad..i say judge the cars that you have knowledge about how they feel on track or road...On the other hand it might be the feeling you expect to have when driving a ingame car and you favor in some aspects,oversteer,understeer,grippy,stiff or loose...its what your brain thinks its wright for you...this doesnt mean that some cars are bad and some good...they use the same game engine..you just need to adapt and that means lots of Club Races here at RD hehehe.
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  7. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Are you new to simracing in general?

    Before buying a G27 and starting with Assetto Corsa i didn't do any simracing in years and i couldn't drive for example the BMWs at all and career mode took me several attempts to get anywhere.

    Now 50 hours later (combined time in AC/Race07/GSCE) i love the BMWs and i reached a somewhat comfortable level overall. Still lacking consistency but i basically got in the groove.

    So maybe you just need a little bit more time to get in the groove too and then judge the cars again?
  8. Lateral movement sux bigtime, some cars are worse than others.
    much much prefer netkar pro physics over these consumer focused simcade jobs.
  9. I've played GSCE loads over the last year. It may have spoiled me a bit. I think I find AC not quite at the same level, but it's very good though. I'm not complaining.
    I haven't found any of the BMWs difficult to drive, quite the opposite in fact (but I have not yet tried the GT ones).
  10. Which cars do you prefer?
  11. None.
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  12. In this video of Empty Box's he kind of answers the question I posed in the OP with regards the Dream pack:
  13. I've watched the video long time ago when he released it, but now I don't remember the moment he talked about your thread subject. What is the minute?
  14. For the first 6 minutes or so he orders the cars according to his preference.
  15. I think that you can't compare a game to real life. A sim is a slightly laggy approximation of reality, with no motion feedback.
    Honestly I and most sim racers have no idea how realistic a sim is. It kinda feels how it should, and it kinda reacts how you expect, but it isn't real.
    I remember 'Project Cars' brought in Ben Collins to get people talking, and suddenly some people said it would be more realistic. Watch the video on Youtube, and you can hear him agree that he's trying to learn what the sim is allowing, and playing to it's limits. This is the main difference between a sim/simcade and reality.
    Link to Ben Collins playing 'Project Cars':

    As he says though, it's fun.
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  16. Personally I find that many of the cars are much too twitchy and far too eager to swap ends. ARB settings are mental - 70,000 Nms on the front of the Alfa GTA?!* (For comparison a Bugatti Veyron produces 1,250 Nms of torque). Suspension setups are extremely stiff in general. However, once you relax things a bit then the cars start to come alive.

    I think the Kunos physics model is brilliant. When you make even the tiniest adjustment to a cars setup you can feel it when you drive and it produces exactly the effect it should do. You can tell the difference in characteristics between driving with struts up front and a live axle at the rear or something more modern with double wishbones everywhere.

    One of my favourite cars is actually a Mod. The Mini Cooper 1.3 (v0.2). Having owned Minis in the past I can attest that it is just like the real thing and a reminder of what fun they were to drive. Those guys really did their homework for that Mod and listened to advice.
  17. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    For me, AC's physics so far are beyond reproach. As soon as I got my wheel dialed in, I was able to start lapping cars with consistency and have the ability to push for lap times and consistency with the confidence that I would not encounter uncharacteristic behaviour while doing so. For a sim to do that, the physics/tire model have to give a 'real life' experience/behaviour and I feel that AC does that wonderfully well.

    The most difficult cars to drive are the ones less downforce, and that follows logic (ex. McLaren F1 GTR vs GT2/GT3 cars, Lotus 98T vs 2015 F1).

    Give the game a try properly, it's your hobby after all I suppose, if you find abnormalities post them here and have discussion. Who knows Kunos might listen and things will change.
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