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Assetto Corsa vs iRacing

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Thomas Grzmil, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. iRacing only!

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  2. Assetto Corsa only!

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  3. Both!

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  1. Please keep it clean. I just would like the opinion of people who own both games and listen to their experience... I myself got only iRacing atm but thinking of buying AC too.

    Below I post some text I have posted on some steam discussion hub.

    "Can somone please compare it to iracing? I wonder why nobody compares thsi game to the best atm sim racer which is iracing... The only thing I am worried about is the multiplayer and I don't think it will beat iracing... they got all things organized so much in iracing. In AC or any other racing game multi will be just another join server/leave server experience... while in iracing every racy counts to your statistics career develepmen safety rating etc.

    Don't get me wrong... I fckign hate money grabbing bastards in iracing but their whole experience in multiplayer sim racing is something that AC will never beat...

    I also hate mods... half arsed modifications made by people who have no clue what do they do(like in rfactor)...only assumptions.I know I don't have to dl them but it annoys me that people are messing with a great sim game on their own knowing sh1t... Not talking about AC devs here. In Iracing I know that every car is made to its max potential in terms of handling realism etc by people with real car experience etc."

    I will buy AC soon since I won't recharge my subscription in iracing... I just don't race enough to pay for their service... and AC seems to be perfect for time to time racing while I'v got a free time.

    Anyways games like AC should be made so iracing pricks stop charging so much money for their content... I don't mind buying monthly subscriptions but buying CARS + TRACKS also is fckign annoying...

    If you would like to share your opinions please write



    [Asetto Corsa]


    and once again please leave all fan boy stuff out of this thread. Just an honest opinions guys from people having iRacing and now owning AC as well

    Thank you in advance


    btw am I the only one who is dreaming about game with physics like iRacing/AC where you can just drive some local roads kinda like from old nfs games you know canions coasts and sh1t xD just for pure pleasure... enjoying the car and the beauty of surroundings...
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  2. Hi Thomas.

    There's no doubt that iRacing is a great sim, and is getting better all the time with their constant updates. Assetto Corsa (AC) is still in its infancy, and so at the moment you can only race solo timed laps. In this sense, it is impossible to compare the two from a multiplayer perspective.

    My thoughts after a weekend of playing AC are that it has such enormous potential I can honestly see me giving up my iRacing subscription, despite having spent a fortune on content.

    - Runs great on even lower spec machines
    - Massive selection of laser scanned tracks
    - Well organised multiplayer racing
    - One of the best handling models

    - Cost
    - It now has competition from AC

    [Asetto Corsa]
    - Absolutely amazing handling model - possibly even at this stage the best
    - Ferrari licence
    - Laser scanned tracks
    - Great user interface

    Assetto Corsa Cons:
    - Quite demanding computer specs required. Perhaps with optimisation this will improve.

    It's far too early to be asking questions like this really. When AC gets a full release next year, we'll know more about multiplayer etc.

    In my humble opinion though, if you love sim racing you should really try out AC. It is incredible! :)
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  3. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    I could quote @eathis , exept I don`t care about laser scanned tracks and Ferrari licence (there are many other great cars in game).
    All the others pros and cons are same as they are above.
  4. thank you guys for the fast replies! Once I got money I wil ltry it out for sure. Waiting for some more opinions too
  5. If you look at this comparison in prism of money investment - AC is definitely your choice. Only for (19.96$ in my region) you buy a game with almost best handling model on market of sims, nice graphics and sounds, some good base car/track list and VERY big potential to growth from both - developers and moders.
  6. Nothing will ever beat iRacing on the organised multiplayer side, so that in itself will keep me going back to it, but the driving experience in AC is in a different class. Nothing in sim racing has got me grinning so much as endlessly lapping the X-Bow around the various tracks. (all the cars feel great and unique btw, i just have a thing about the X-Bow at the moment :p)

    Both sims are essential for sim racers imo, but for completely different reasons. If you had AC's cars/physics/FFB in the iRacing structure that would be my dream sim. For the time being i wont be driving anything other than AC, purely for the superior driving feel. If they don't get multiplayer out soon though i might have to re-sub to iRacing just for the competition.
  7. :confused: How did you get it for that price in your region?
  8. I can get it for 24.54 US Dollar on local auction house. Check ebay maybe yo ucan find it there. I never uy games fro msteam as they are always cheaper on local auction sites.

    Yea this is what I wanted to hear... iRacing multiplayer can't be beaten by any other sim.

    I hope AC will pull as many people as it can from iRacing and they will have to fcking change fees xD I really hope AC will make iRacing think twice for their money grabbing appetite.

    I will get AC as soon i get money. I just wish it would have more road cars... normal cars like e30 rx-7 etc. Not a fun of supercars :/ know that modders may add it but as I mentioned in 1st post... I hate mods made by people without a clue.
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    It's all about region. I'am glad that in my region they set such price, because it's pretty big money in our currency...
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  10. I can think of plenty of "half arsed" rfactor mods that are more fun and feel better than AC in it's beta state.
  11. Asking this question in a sub forum dedicated to Assetto Corsa will have bias on the results.
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  12. Mapu


    Please keep it clean?

    Sorry, but the way your text is phrased and the thoughts you have put into doesn't qualify for an fair answer.

    Besides I think that this thread is not necessary because you wrote that you're going to buy AC anyway. So why aren't going to judge for yourself?
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Ah cool so you had a try of the AC multiplayer already? Please do tell us how it was :thumbsup:

    edit: reading through the rest of your posts in this thread its already more than enough faul language to put a lock on it.
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