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Featured Assetto Corsa V1.5.5 Hotfix Released

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Assetto Corsa v1.5.5 Update.jpg
    Kunos Simulazioni have today pushed live a hotfix update to PC racer Assetto Corsa bringing the title to version 1.5.5.

    Hot on the heels of the sizable latest update Kunos have today (Wednesday 6th April) released a small hot fix patch for Assetto Corsa addressing a number of issues from the most recent release and adding further improvements to the title.

    Notable enhancements include various bug fixes and performance optimizations on Imola, Silverstone, Vallelunga, Spa, Black Cat County as well as various tweaks to IA performance and strategy.

    Version 1.5.5 Change log:
    • MODDING: BRAKE_POWER_MULT setup option is now correctly expressed in % and can be used for modded content
    • Fixed typo on Lotus 98T soft compound slip-angle value
    • Fixed Lotus 98T engine limiter sound for higher rev limiter than default
    • Fixed bad naming on Lotus Exos S1 medium and hard heat curves
    • Modified Drift cars steering lock.
    • Bug fixing and optimization on Imola, Silverstone, Vallelunga, Spa, Black Cat County circuits
    • Improved smoothness of AI driving style
    • Improved collisions in multiplayer
    • Improved AI fuel planning strategies
    • Fixed tatuusfa1 at Vallelunga hardcoded achievement
    • Added bonnet and bumper internal/external sound switch on Volume App

    Don't forget to check out our RaceDepartment Assetto Corsa forum for all latest news and discussion. Our Racing Club offers daily quality racing across a selection of cars and tracks within the sim.
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  2. when are they gonna fix proper controller button mapping.
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  3. mopro


    It will also good if they can allow the shifter to be assigned to both flappy-pedal and sequential like in pCars.
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  4. Kunos raising the bar one more time!
    MP collision fix is a huge improvement.
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  5. Why would you want to drive a car that's flappy-pedal with a shifter?
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  6. LilSki


    If you have a clubsport SQ it would be nice to map shifting to sequential mode on the shifter and the paddles. That way depending on the car style or your mood you can shift with either one.

    Just tested MP and man it was amazing. I'm sure it was something they have been working on for a while but the way it came in a hotfix is like they figured it out the day before.

    On the other side the AI seems a tad slower overall but more testing is needed. It is nice to not have their brake lights flickering like mad.
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  7. Sniper


    This can be done reasonably easily if you want to try
    look for and download a copy of Joy2key (shareware)
    you then map both the shifter and the paddles to something like the up arrow and down arrow (or to whatever you like) on the joy2key software. Obviously you need to map both sets of shifters to the same keys (Paddle up and sequential up to Up Arrow then paddle down and sequential down to Down Arrow)
    Then in assetto corsa map the up and down shift to the up arrow and down arrow (or whatever you set in joy2key)

    then as long as you run the joy2key software it will emulate both types of shifters as the keystroke you set it to.

    Can get some screenies of mine if you need but joy2key is fairly easy to use
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
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  8. Alexandre Costa

    Alexandre Costa

    There is a way to configure the paddles and the sequential as the same button. Look in the Fanatec wheel property window, I don't remember how it's written (I'm not home right now).
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  9. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Have to agree, from the one bump I had (got hit in the rear) I didn't go flying off the track, very happy! Thanks Kunos
  10. The new tyre model is SO deep...I've never had so much fun driving the road cars. For the first time, I've actually enjoyed the act of driving slow cars in the game. The low-speed physics and FFB has improved, the new yaw algorithm of the tyre model offers even more enjoyment...before, I forced myself to drive road cars just to have something easy on the skills...now, going to them regularly.

    I hope Kunos offers a flappy-paddle Vette soon...I've driven one at my local fair every year, was so looking forward to this feature since many of us don't own a shifter, so using paddles+manual gearbox is...not the best experience in shifting.
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  11. The yaw algorithm is related to aerodynamics, not to tyre model.
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  12. I always thought the Assetto Corsa physics engine (regardless of version) had, by far, the best road cars in any sim. It is the only sim that can model heavy and/or slow and/or low-grip cars while not making them feel like they are made of a marshmellow or have marshmellows for tyres with slipe/slide dynamics akin to a marshmellow or time running in slow motion.

    Furthermore, when the AC physics engine (I guess particularly the tyre model) slips at low speeds, the coefficient of friction between the tyre and road-surface doesn't all of a sudden turn into that of a puddle of water or sheet of ice just because some slip is occurring. The tyres sort of understeer but don't just go helplessly straight; it's more of a grip/slip where you can also sense that the tyre "wants" to grip but is being pushed too hard rather than the tyre going into some digital and vague "sllliide mode" until it finally reaches a point where it goes back into "grip mode". Basically, in AC, the tyre actually seems like A. a piece of rubber that "wants" to stick to the surface of the road, and, B. has weight pressing it down towards the surface of the road.

    I haven't even tried the newer versions of AC so if it's even better then that's awesome! I think the AC physics engine / tyre model is possibly the only engine ever able to model road cars / heavy cars / low-grip cars relatively well.
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  13. If you haven't tried after 1.5, please do yourself a favor and do it. New streets and semis are amazing. Now the tyres bite better on low speed but will kill you if you do stupid things.

    Street cars (and historic race cars) are the reason I stick with AC. These cars are challenging enough to just drive lap after lap with a grin on my face. No sim does it better.
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  14. I'm guessing this is why drifters are all over this game?

    Not that I mean it in a bad way, I'm just seeing a lot of drift mods being made for it
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  15. Indeed!

    Whatever update we had before on tires (preparation for this build i think) where you didnt feel much difference - this is a completely different beast. It feels much different - better. Driving road cars is incredibly fun in 1.5. Add the LUT Generator to this and its like a mega AC/Wheel update. :)
  16. led00m

    Sim racer, kart racer and an academic

    I use Joy2Key to use + and - as up and down shift in-game
  17. They're all over any game that can be modded really... GTA, rfactor, whatever. Of course some games are better than others for actually drifting but people mod all of them.
  18. Torcano


    As someone that has no other choice but get ~180-250ms pings on any server I join (in any sim) regardless of the server location because I live in SE Asia, I highly appreciate the collision improvements in MP for AC. That was by far the biggest thing that always kept me away from AC personally as I have to drive ultra conservatively every single time I get to have door to door racing and I just end up giving up my position because I simply don't want to cause a supernova by ever so slightly scraping the other guy and sending him cartwheeling into a different dimension. I'd much rather the both of us finish the race... :redface:

    I get really nervous when bumping into people in AC be it due to driver error or ping, simply because ending someone else's race is not fun. It's good to know that I can be a bit more relaxed with my driving now and not have panic attacks every single time someone is next to me when I go online in AC. :thumbsup:
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  19. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    That's not the point. It can be a bit of a ballache to get a car/track combo loaded up, try to shift into first with the paddle only to realize that the sequential profile is still loaded. So you have to exit out, go to the Controls menu, load the flappy paddle profile, then go reload the track again. If both shifters worked at the same time you could just use the method you wanted for that specific car without having to faff about with controller profiles.

    I was just driving the new Vette with flappy-paddles the other night, seemed to work fine?
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