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Assetto Corsa Torrents - How Do We Stop This?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Juris, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. Ok a bit more serious than my usual threads. I was googling Assetto Corsa Headlights and up pops a vid for a torrent of my favourite sim. I checked the usual sources for these things (names & locations will not be mentioned) and yep its there and it wasn't the tech preview.

    I'm seriously f-ing pissed off now. This is what I was worrying about. The one thing iRacing has over AC is its almost impossible to crack. Their system is closed and tracked. This is the kind of thing that could destroy Kunos and mean manufacturers stop licensing as revenue dries up. :mad:

    So basically, what can be done to stop these scumbags as I'm in no mood to race alongside these thieves. There has to be some form of iRacing style system that can check and block them. Suggestions please.
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  2. Other than hitting the lottery and going all Jay and Silent Bob on them (movie reference where two guys find people that post crap on-line about them and give them a royal beat down) There really isn't much we can do...Maybe send a PM to Aris with the info and maybe they can fire off a cease and desist letter or something.
  3. I just contacted them but the site in question is one that has survived several attempts to shut it down. They don't care about C&D's. Theres over 250 seeders and over 300 leechers and it was only posted today. There has to be a method to do it. I'd gladly have an iRacing style server login system, even for offline play (I know others will disagree) if it prevented this.
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  4. i bet cracked game cant play online so I dont think you have a chance to race with them even if you want, .
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  5. saxoross


    If its popular enough they'l always find a way.

    All torrent users will say is 'they make enough money anyway'.
  6. You can't play online with pirated version of game (well, in some games you can if pirated servers were made as well). Also in case of AC, you need to download the whole game every time a new version comes out (but I bet they are stuck to first version or so). Besides, piracy is very often treaded as a demo version. And people who download cracked games, wouldn't not buy game anyway cause they don't have money for it.
    Same goes for me. I only buy games with multiplayer I wil play and they have to be good games. So I only have all battlefields, AC, iRacing, and bunch of relativly cheap older games, which I previously played as pirated versions (they deserved to be bought). That is the case in many countries. Mostly it is china, and all countries that are or were dependend from russia (like Poland where I come from). We earn **** money and everything is expensive. We have 20% more expensive computer parts than for example UK. Games are as much expensive but we earn 5 times less.
    So piracy isn't a bad thing. Even game developers know this. Our "The Witcher" developers often say, that piracy works as a marketing tool and actually increase sales. That is the case with good games. Piracy only hurts shitty games and painfully short games (5h singleplayer should be punishable by death).
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  7. Some new thing to learn for me :thumbsup:
  8. somewhere they blocked all torrent and direct downloads for movies and music last year when im right --> result was poor sales then before.
    I say it too: its in most cases better then the industry or people think.
  9. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the thought that people ripping Kunos off is somehow actually good for them but at least you gave me something to think about from a perspective I wouldn't have ever known.
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  10. Thanks for your reply and wesołych świąt. The version they have is 0.41. I get your points regards cost, I'm from the EU as well, Ireland, where money just goes to banking bond holders and my Polish mates and work colleagues tell me how little the pay still is in the homeland still even compared to us. Your right regards **** games being killed by piracy. It does happen but there is no logical automatic corollary that good games benefit from it. I think every game should have a demo version but games that do do not see a decrease in piracy as a demonstrable fact.

    I work in networks & I'm a qualified barrister. 90% of people don't pay when they can afford it if they can get it for free (at least here in Ireland but I hear your point on former USSR states) and I appreciate your openness Arkadiusz in saying you'd previously pirated then bought. Most just like stealing as they can't get caught. I've troubleshooted slow fibre connections with people with top spec PC's and stopped when it was discovered they've got 10 game torrents coming down simultaneously.

    My problem is Kunos are a tiny dev team relying on external manufacturers licensing making them doubly vulnerable. If piracy goes rampant sales die. If sales die the licencing fees can't be paid. If the licencee isn't paid the licensees wont licence and will revoke, simple. The sim dies. If I had spotted a BF4 torrent I personally couldn't give a ****. EA are billionaire animals imho. This isn't stealing from a banker, this is stealing from the little guy.

    PS: Its nice to see 1 guy marking my 1st post on this as 'funny". I'd love to know why killing this sim is funny.
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  11. you can play online with pirated games... just look at race 07 plenty of skidrows about on there..
  12. Just throw in a random tiny update every now and then, to force a mismatch. Legitimate Steam users won't notice anything, and thieves will be locked out for a bit.
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  13. I think you'll need a better argument than "Somewhere" blocked content and sales dropped tbh. Its a big planet with lots of other factors involved. Care to elaborate.

    I'm concerned the Steam sales Kunos agreed to is a result of dropping revenue as a result of piracy. To pull in buyers they had expected as part of their calculations but are not being met. Whatever about when the game is 1.0 released when coffers are hopefully healthy this is still a draining period for their finances. Its the equivalent of cutting their fuel lines mid race. They may not make it over the line :(
  14. Many people approach is that they want to try out a game before buying. And since AC isn't even released adn we are paying for a unfinished product, some are not willing to pay so lightly like us. Just look at yesterdays rage about DLC. Personally I think that sims are for a very specific customer. And these will buy game sooner or later, with or without trying the game before on torrents. It definetaly won't hurt player base. And as for the money as I said, it depends on how good the games is.
  15. There will probably be a demo (1 car 1 track) when V1.0 is officially released. Those that are stealing the game will never pay for it. (with very few exceptions, and I mean VERY few)

    However, we have no business worrying or wondering about Kunos fiances; it is not our business.
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  16. As long as you cant accesess multiplayer without legitimately buying it then its all ok.
    I torrented the game before i bought it too, and since AC is updated every hour basically via steam then the pirates are missing out alot ;)
  17. i think russia is my example :)
  18. Tobbe Bergman

    Tobbe Bergman
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Those who download torrents aren't serious in the first place and probably few (if any) of them own a wheel and pedals and even less a cockpit so they probably wouldn't have bought the Sim in the first place !
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  19. It is very sad to see people defending game piracy. If you can't afford a game you are not entitled to steal it. If you want an AC demo then wait for the AC demo. Pirates only pirate poor games? Give me a break - the best selling games are also the most pirated.
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  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The economic crisis never leaves the gaming community. Cheaper than cheap. Bah.
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