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PC Assetto Corsa to become second iRacing? (merged)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by kikie, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Is it the intention of AC to become a second iRacing?

    I mean, start with online races, championships etc...!
  2. No, that is up to the community... AC won't have a comparable online structure, that was not their focus.
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  3. magicfr


    A.C. has A.Is ! :)
  4. Which is unfortunate. iracing desperately needs to be challenged in the online multiplayer department, so that they will realize they aren't the only game in town. Its mass amount of members will remain loyal so long as there's no competition from any other racing sim offering a similar online service.
  5. I kinda agree with you Isamu, but Stefano doesn't own a football team ;)
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  6. magicfr


    Well, I personnlay don't like the iRacing system, so ... I'm happy it's like this :D
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  7. I know but you have to agree that it can please many people ! ;)
  8. magicfr


    Nope :D I will not. Don't like the idea :D
  9. Sure iRacing has a structure that is currently unmatched but i think there´s only one or two things that will make people switch.

    Superior physics and online play.
    If you can get those then that will be enough for iRacing to start sh*tting their pants and step it up a notch.
  10. As long as AC doesn't become an F2P online-only modless game where you have to pay for every single bit of overpriced content and you can only play online, I'm ok. :coffee:
  11. People like to say over-priced this and that.

    You don´t mind writing down the costs for building a car then include things like revenue from that and figure out how many needs to actually buy the car before they break even?

    I would love to see a well-written post on why they are over-priced other then "i think so".
  12. I just wanted to know if AC is going to be an online racing community with championships, world championships, organised daily races in which you can compete etc.... .

    My question has nothing to do with the fact that you have to buy and renew licenses in iRacing. I don't want that. Buy the game and you can play it as long as you want without having to purchase a new license every time.
  13. AC have no plans on creating such community "ala" iRacing no
  14. as soon as it would have this organized things like iracing has.. it would be usual to have ongoing payments for licenses and so... because all the servers and work like organized races and championships and all that stuff has to be paid somehow...

    because if you talk about something big like iracing it isn't like the usual leage racing.. where some one has a server and some people join that in an organized way...

    you would need a server farm with all organized stuff like the ratings.. and every hour or so race starts and all that stuff... it's a bit more complicated and much more expensive then the usual league racing... so it's normal that you need to have ongoing payments for such service...

    and the other thing is... to start such a service you first need all of these things without any payment got.. and I don't think kunos is already big enough for such thing... who knows maybe if AC gets an enorumes huge galactical success and kunos become millioneers or so.. maybe then they could do something like that ...

    I don't even know if kunos would like to go that direction... because it also has pros and cons... so it's a matter of taste

    but they said the try to let the software output as much data and information as possible.. so modders and comnuity guys.. could ceate something like iAC by them self
  15. Please no... Keep it simple. So looking forward to this at the moment.
  16. magicfr


    Kunos already stated that this kind of organiszed stuff could be done with the AC SDK plugin system.
    So if somebody want to program a system like iRacing , he can.
    I agreee with Kunos there, why develop something other can do when not everybody will like it and also he can focus on other stuff which all driver will benefit.
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  17. Well, I really don't know the costs to maintain a game like iRacing, but that's not the point, the thing is that from the consumer(me) point of view, I'd end up spending more money to get all the content in a typical F2P game than I'd spend by buying a complete game at once.

    However, I never actually played iRacing, so I don't know if it's overpriced or not, but I've seen enough F2P games to know most of them are made to get as much money from the users as possible.

    Coincidently, there is a long discussion going on VirtualR about Raceroom Racing Experience that is quite similar to our 2 posts, but way bigger. Even Marco(from Kunos) posted a rant there. The view on this seems to be very subjective, I guess from the point of view from people who can spend money on triple screens, cockpit and fanatec wheel, etc, pouring a lot of money in a single game is ok, but for people who live in tight budgets it just isn't possible.

    Mind you, there are other factors to determine if something is overpriced or not, like how much entertaiment will it give me for what I paid?, F2P games are dead to me from the very start as I find them to be useless for my needs, but I'm ready to pay a good amount of money for AC because I believe it will provide me a great amount of fun for the next months and hopefully years to come.:)
  18. MarcG

    Premium Member

    For kids I can see how its hard to ask their Parents for money for a game then stump out every now and then for more add ons they want, same as kids nowadays wanting Paid Apps for their phones....it all adds up for the parents, fact of life and the economy we're in.

    For someone older and in work then the argument over Paid for Tracks/Cars from a developer is another story (I wont go into Paid For Mods like someone in RF2 is doing!), I mean those of us that work for a living and have extra cash buy luxuries dont we!? I bought a new beanie hat the other day I did'nt need (already have 5!) just because I had the cash and it looked nice, I could've saved that money for say an iRacing Track. On another day I might just do exactly that, its my choice if I have the spare cash, if I dd'nt have it It'd be because I was paying bills, food, petrol etc etc.....i.e. using common sense and looking after #1 before my hobby, same goes with every other hobby you can think of.

    At the end of the day Sim racing fans are a weird breed, they spend hundreds on their PC upgrades and wheels/pedals, they pop to the shops and buy things they dont need, yet ask them to spend 1Euro to upgrade R3E to Sim Use and its like they suddenly cant afford anything and its too much...oh no what a world what a world!

    Instead of going down the pub and spending say £50 on beer & a kebab, stay in that night and save that cash for Cars/Tracks that you want in your fave sim.....not hard is it!?
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  19. Great topic

    Personally, I love the idea of being able to join a league and work my way up the ladder, but I don't want to pay annual charges and pay for tracks/cars that will then not be drivable if I don't renew my license. Plus I want to race against AI... So based on this set of requirements, I think AC isn't far off of this.

    However, I just don't see this as something that KS would want to undertake - create & administer a racing league. KS's skillset resides in other *far more fun* topics such as physics & modelling. iRacing must take a lot of manpower to organise and keep running. Yes, there's plenty of money to be made in it (judging by iRacing's success) but I think that AC will provide KS with ample financial remuneration just through basic downloadable content... The main interface is going to be HTML based and modable. I think this was done on purpose by KS so that the community can take ownership of league running, etc... Empower the people, it's the future I say!!! :)

  20. Case closed then ;)

    Not saying iRacing is cheap, it´s definitely more expensive then most other titles but saying it´s overpriced has it´s own meaning which without numbers we will never really know.