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Assetto Corsa System Requirements

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Has Kunos already revealed some information about the system requirements for AC? I think my current PC setup is still good to go for most upcoming sims but I do worry about my video card performance seeing the graphics of this game :)

    What shoud be the recommended minimum?
  2. I've been wondering about this. I know it's DX 11, but can be used with 10.1 cards.

    I'm thinking a new card for me will be necessary:unsure:.
  3. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Hope it is quite scalable in terms of graphics... the problem is that once you see how it looks in max settings you will inmediately get obsessed with it and willing to upgrade :D
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  4. Didn't they reveal what system was used in that video filmed at the Nurburgring? I'm sure they did, i will see if i can find it. If i remember rightly the system was not what i would class as a high spec machine. In fact i'm convinced the system used was a not even a Quad Core system. At the same time it was an early build but also optimisation normally comes close to the end of production of a game. Although on release it's not the end of production going by what was said in the x-bow screens post on the front page by Aristotelis. AC looks like it will be much like iRacing and rF2 and will be an ever evolving sim. But still by initial release it should of been optimised to hell.

    DX11 is also very efficient in terms of performance aswell
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  5. Assetto Corsa will probably be my reason to upgrade my gpu as I only have dx 10.1 comparability at the moment.
  6. For those who have played iRacing and have a DX11 card i think we will see a performance boost when playing AC despite having superior graphics.

    As Lee says DX11 is very efficient.
    And i would guess AC knows how to exploit the full potential of the GPU, something iRacing seems to have missed the train on.

    i can´t wait for some incredible graphics together with probably the best physics ever seen in a game.

  7. That's my recollection as well. I did go looking for them again (think they were referenced on youtube one of their youtube uploads but I couldn't find it again. It was a pretty mid range amd-based system with 400-series nvidia card. That was only 1 car on track, but it was also 3 screens. I remember being surprised anyway.

    Won't rd be asking this when they visit kunos in august?
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  8. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    The nurburgring PC (which is my PC here right now) has a very very VERY (did I say very?) limited CPU. A mere pentium G840 at 2.8ghz and 2gigabyte RAM. No i5 not even i3.
    I had an nvidia 560 GTX which was doing fine at 1080 resolution, averaging 70-100fps depending on track and situation with everything ON, 4x antialias, 16x anisotropic and no optimizations whatsoever. Gfx engine was rendering at least 2 million polygons at any time on screen.

    For Nurburgring the PC we found there, had a DX10.0 video card and we couldn't drive the over 5000 pixels of the 3 screens at more than 30fps. So we change it with my PC but still we where a bit low at 40-50fps. We went out and bought an ATI 7970 and then we were able to go over 70-80fps on 3 screens
    This same PC right now, on my single 1080 res screen always everything ON gives me around 100fps, it's heavily limited by the CPU. Stefano's PC has an i7 and a good card and is doing usually close to 200fps.

    IMHO, AC seems to do very well on any modern system. either low range, mid range or of course high range. It needs modern video card, lot's of video ram, 1 gigabyte or more, and that's it.
    Framerate seems to precipitate on old video cards with dx10.0 or video cards with less than 1gig of video ram.
    I'm always talking with everything ON, like the screenshots we post.
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  9. Very impressive Aristotelis!!

    I have a I5 2500K @ 2.43ghz and 8 Gig of DDR3 ram. My Ati 4870 512mb is my shortfall, but I was thinking of getting a cheap Ati 4890 to crossfire for now until I can afford a decent DX11 card.
  10. Yes as thought i remember the CPU being very low spec but i could not find the specs anywhere so i'm not sure where i did see them but i know i did. To be getting 200fps @ 1080p at this stage is very impressive engine wise considering the amount it is rendering on the screen and the quality of what it has to render. Sounds a very efficient engine graphically, it's great too hear. I think DX11 is most definitely the way forward today for engines. Alot of people think you have to have DX11 because it offers better graphics, but DX9 can do the majority of what DX11 can do. DX11 just is so much more efficient and utilizes todays hardware alot better.
  11. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Yes, exactly what you said Lee. I often hear Stefano (kunos) saying that "I keep throwing things at it (the gfx engine) and it doesn't lose a frame... "

    We choose to go dx11 only for two main reasons. First we are creating the base for a sim engine that we will use at least for the next 2-3 years. And we want a good base to be able to update and support.
    Secondly, being a small team, we can't really afford professional teams of thousands of PCs for beta testing and bug hunting. Running behind two different engines (dx9 and dx11) would delay quite a bit the development.

    So Dx11 only was a very logical decision and we think it won't be limiting in terms of sales either. I mean... 2012 already, time to move on.
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  12. This sounds awesome, i should be ok with 2 GTX580 and a i7 950 4.2GHz then :)
  13. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Definitely...except if something strange happens when we decide to put 50 AI cars and everything explodes lol
  14. Aristotelis don't worry, RD members will be bug hunting for free as long as you provide us with BMW's (specially M series) and great graphics. :p ;)
  15. And how about 50 online racers? :)
  16. Well, frankly speaking I don't know well which is what..
    Anyway my com is i5 3550, 8g ram and gts250 of 512mb, (what's dx10.1? is it food?) Iet me ask directly. :)

    Can I run it? and if so, can I do with over 35 frame? or just have to buy any new?
  17. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    to early to tell, but the idea is to have the online clients limited exclusively by bandwidth and track grid/box places

    I think you card is a dx10 only and the 512mb certainly do not help. You might have some problems.
    But the CPU is very fast... haven't tried it in such config but I think you'll be able to do more than 35fps but still on the low side.
    I repeat though, I haven't tried it with such system, so wait for the demo and see
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  18. You mean another 4870?.....u can't XF 2 diff cards and if they have diff ram, it'll default to the lower value{512mb}.

    How much would a 6850 I gig cost you...?
  19. This is fantastic news! Thank you :)
  20. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I wish more developers would do this. it would only bring prices down in the long run. Kudos Kunos.