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Assetto Corsa Survey Part 2

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nox, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Nox

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    Assetto Corsa Survey Part 2

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  3. Nox

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    Yes, the survey started a few days ago but voting is still open.
  4. Mapu



    Thank you RD, without you I wouldn't have known. ;)
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  5. Bram

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    I want to vote on my Volvo C30 but I can't :)
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  6. There needs to be a "none" option.
  7. Racing Audi A4 mmmmmmmm
  8. I'd like to vote 'none of ruf'..
  9. why is everyone voting for GT3 cars... a car almost impossible to drive in the real world, and would not be reviewed by the media also. This is not what a hyper realistic game like AC should be about enabling...
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  10. LOL to the whole of that statement, So in a racing simulation KS shouldn't create a whole series which is really popular? And becuase you can't drive them in real life is EXACTLY why people want to drive them, do you understand the concept of a racing simulation mate?!

    I suppose we could ask them to model some Ford Focus's or some Hyundai's?
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  11. I still do not get why they do not restrict such polls to their actual customers. Are they measuring what their customers are ready to pay for or what PCars fanboys want AC to be?

    I really hope for the R18, would be epic with a field of GT2/GT3.
  12. I wonder why they have both the regular BMW M3, as well as the GT3 version, if the game is intended to be your assertion of what a 'racing simulation' is. What is the concept you mean here exactly? And can you show me how the game already confirms your understanding of it? Sorry mate, but I'm not really sure I see your point...
  13. You said that they shouldn't let us drive GT3 cars because they aren't available to most people in real life?

    To me you're not making any sense.
  14. So these guys are not actually driving racing cars and are not real race car drivers?

    Chevette is a RWD car btw. :cool:

    Do you know what a racing simulation is? I want to race real cars in AC, not some silly fake tube frame cars. Yes, the tube frame stuff is allowed to exist along side. Though real cars must not be excluded and are just as legitimate as some think tube frame ones are.

    Being expensive and exclusive does not always make for a better experience.
  15. I haven't said to not include anything, I'm beginning to lose the plot with these forums at the moment.

    I want everyone to be able to race whet they want, but to say why is KS allowing GT3 I just don't get.
  16. That's why we always get a bit of both (heck, no pure racing cars in v0.3), so quit whining. The poll is about finding out which cars are the most popular, not which ones Kunos are allowed to add (and no other car from outside of the list).
  17. I should probably separate myself from some others here, I am not supporting supercars instead of racing cars. I support down to earth old american cars. There are none in AC yet. :thumbsdown:
    Kunos will probably never add any either.

    So while you guys can be happy with your Fstuff, GTsomethings, exotica, whatever. I sit here pining for the likes of Dodge Dart/Monaco/Coronet/, Pontiac Parisienne/Grand Safari/Acadian, Plymouth Fury/Duster/Satellite, Buick Wildcat, etc

    I want a 500 ft-lb (677Nm) NA engine on pump gas in an ancient american street vehicle! :inlove:
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  18. I think being from the U.K. I have no idea what a true muscle car is, heck we think a 2.0lt turbo engine is a beast. A massive V8 is something I've never had the pleasure of bring near, let alone drive.
  19. where do you vote at? I vote for nascar.
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  20. we are allowed to stir the pot,Right LoL
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