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Assetto Corsa: Spa License and Pre-Order Info

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Itz zeh interwebz. Everything has to be free or &$§&§$&"§&§()O=/$§%!$!"
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Nope but complaining about a 4,99 euro price of netKar PRO and that you regret buying it made me facepalm so hard I have a headache already all day.

    Go for the refund option man, send them an email and I am sure they'll gladly refund you your part of your support :)

    And no not all of us have thousands of euro's to spend, myself included. On the contrary I'd say seeing the hard time I have to pay my bills.

    But like Alexandre pointed out above, if you can't afford it (or dont want to) don't buy it and move on.

    I am sure the rest of us will have an epic time with all the new sims that come out this and next year on Steam.
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  3. You guys seem to have a bigger problem than me...

    who the **** talked about prices and opinions in the last post? certainly not me....
    I never brought up any price subject,hell I would prefer to pay more for a non drm version if that satisfies you curiosity...

    I just thought it was a bad joke on Bram's side, I see people everyday that miss that kind of money Hell sometimes I even don't have that amount in my pockets.
    I also never attacked or told anyone to GTFO because I don't like what they are saying.

    Like it or not games are part of our lives, no matter how poor or rich you are
    I have lived better and worse times.
    everyone should have the right to discuss them because they are part of our culture.

    If you have already decided to swallow all that stuff,and justify everything because you like the game it is your ****ing problem...

    I just wrote something,people replied,and I decided to reply back.

    Last but not least
    Please Erase my account. I do not wish to be part of such community anymore.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Agreed. Many developers are under huge pressure of their publishers to release games (often in a hurry). I don't think that Kunos has a publisher which is both a risk (money means food) and a virtue (all the freedom to develop what you want).

    In case of AC I think people expected too much too soon due to the good critics they have received after the Gamescom and Tech Preview but the fact that the TP received multiple updates shows that they take development serious and take their time.
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  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Shadow Explorer That some of us don't agree with your standpoint doesnt mean you are not entitled to have one.

    Everybody can openly agree or disagree with AC/Kunos or any other game for that matter, Thats why we have a forum here to discuss opinions and yours is welcome as well just like anybody else.
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  6. MarcG


    <image removed>
  7. I like to read your posts Shadow ... i may not agree with everything you say but is that what foruns are for ... to disagree and discuss opinions... and i hope you continue to do it ... on the other side posting personal offenses like the picture above its just too bad ... calling someone a "crying baby" on this way is too bad to not have my censorship
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  8. DLC is just what iRacing does, they make a track, and you can download it, a new car, the same, and they even put them on pre-order and you get nothing for free, not even a dollar. it-s $15 in pre order, and $15 later for each track. i'm pretty sure AC will give us more content for the money in the DLC they release
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  9. In reality it isn't every time 15$, there are 12$ tracks, you can use discounts up to 30%, and use participation credits, anniversary credits ecc ecc... So, I can be confident saying if you are smart you can buy cars and tracks for 9-10$, 7-8€

    I hope that in AC every dlc track or car will cost less than 7-8€ each one, that will push also iRacing to reduce their prices. Otherwise, nothing new on the market.

    I also hope there will be not mega discounts on dlc from steam, like for example with race 07, because I will never buy at full price and I will wait only the mega discount.
  10. that is not 100% right... if you race enough you earn iracing dollars (which are same value as real dollars but ofcourse online payable with on iracing things.. like tracks and cars.. don't know if subscrition too) I think I spend.. 3 real dollars on the last 4 tracks and cars all together.. because of the iracing dollar things I had from racing.. some other bonus and such things... so it's not completely true with the you get nothing for free... but yes.. it seems that kunos still will have a better pack to money ratio...
  11. yeah, sorry, i forgot about those things you guys mentioned, but for the pre order in iRacing you don't get discounts or something that makes go and preorder it. Here if you pre order you can get Spa for free, maybe you will get it for free later too, we don't know, but they talked it's part of a premium DLC, probably they don't even know :)
  12. Great News and congrats for making it to Steam. As some one who will spends countless hours on this I'll buy it and will pre-order when it becomes available.

    Steam will give AC exposure and Kunos' hard work will pay of in no time.
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  13. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Personally I think all this debating is a waste of time, we can speculate content and quality of Game/DLC etc till the release of any Game/DLC and still be incorrect in our assumptions.

    Lets face facts, DLC is here to stay, it's a way for the devs to make extra cash from the paying public and community hardcore, but as has been stated prior in many posts, if you don't like it don't buy it, simple really. But DLC's are part of the gaming norm now, and you can thank xbox & console gamers for that.

    Kunos is only doing what is best for Kunos and it's future as a race-sim dev, it's called protecting your investment and is an
    important factor in any business, try putting yourself in Kunos's position, I'm sure you would be doing as much as possible to guarantee your product will profit and provide future security, not only for the staff at Kunos but the company itself, even if it means a Steam release.

    Steam are a solid reliable, cheat free server source that even the likes of EA are trying to mimic. Sure there are some issues with Steam from time to time, that happens with all servers on occasion, and I'll admit Steam has made some serious errors on occasion too, but if they weren't reliable then why are so many software companies releasing via Steam, it's not just the money.

    Lets not forget that AC will be 100% modder accessible, so we will see a plethora of high grade and not so high grade mods & tracks hitting the download databases within months of AC's release. So for those who don't have the funds for the DLC's, it's not the end of the road.

    As humans we all think too much sometimes and make assumptions without all the facts, but this is part of our nature as sentient thinking beings, debate is healthy, but sometimes I feel we should agree to disagree, leave it there, and move on.

    I think that time has come!

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  14. Well said Andrew.
  15. No debating is a waste of time unless you are not willing to listen others opinion ... no difference if it will change or not change things ... debating ideas and principles is never a waste of time

    That is one of the most written sentences in this forum ... and one i really dont agree with. If i dont like it i complain about so maybe things change ... if they dont then i can decide if i buy or not
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  16. Marco Massarutto

    Marco Massarutto
    Kunos Simulazioni

    I would like to thank of all you for compliments, support and constructive criticisms. I would like just to add that there will not exist any DLC at Day One. We never mentioned nothing about it, it is not our policy, and just to be clear, the production of SPA Francorchamps has not started yet. So, I find some criticisms a bit unfair, at least because are based just on personal suppositions that sometime are passed of as absolute truth. Assetto Corsa will be released months before any additional content. And, the additional contents are just the prove that is our intention to continue to improve and support Assetto Corsa as long as possible. As you can imagine, the production of contents requires a lot of time, and the additional package mentioned in our last PR will also include some car models. Those package must be considered just like a gift for all those people will continue to support our efforts to give to simracing enthusiasts the best simulation we are able to deliver.
    See you on track.
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  17. Thank you Marco for making things straight.

    PS. It's the first time you speak about release date - now we know it will be released "months BEFORE any additional content" :cool: ;)
  18. Marco Massarutto

    Marco Massarutto
    Kunos Simulazioni

    The Steam announcement clarifies -and is the reason why- we have not released yet definitive info about the release date and is also one of the reasons why we missed the Spring 2013, but things are much complicate than you can suppose (and sometime is the same for us, we aren't smarter than any other), and sometime things require more than a reasonable amount of time. We are arranging details and technical matters related to Steam integration of our software, while we go on with dev and testing. As you can understand, is not a good idea to release a game that has requested almost 4 years of development in the mid of Summer, but we'll not announce anymore an "expected within"; we'll announce the definitive release date, that will also open the preorder of the game. That, just to get off any doubt, will be released THIS year. Therefore, the delay is not due to any porting of AC on consoles, or to commercial agreements with any publisher to transform Assetto Corsa in an arcade (I've read everything and its opposite...) or any other...conspiracy. :D

    I complete my statement here adding that Assetto Corsa will include DLCs, but it is not BASED on DLCs, and of course it will never require any kind of subscription. For us, the function of DLCs is to put more additional contents and expand the simulation without delaying too much the time needed to close the main build. Considering the kind of contents we are creating for our simulation, sometime it's easy to forget that we are a little and indipendent software house, and that we don't have infinite resources (even if, also on this argument, I've read some freak theories:D). Anyway, I believe that about 10 tracks and 25-30 cars in the first release will keep you busy until SPA Francorchamps will be available for download. ;)
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  19. Thank you Marco for the clarification. :thumbsup:
  20. About 10 tracks and 25-30 cars will keep me pretty busy for sure! :D:D

    Thanks for the info Marco.