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Featured Assetto Corsa: RSR Nurburg partnership

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Howard, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium Member

    KUNOS Simulazioni have announced their latest partnership with RSR Nurburg, a driver tuition outfit based at the Nurburgring.

    RSR Nurburg provides instructors and drivers at two permanent workshops at the 'Ring, and at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps. Kunos say that the partnership will help make their recreation of the Nordschleife 100% accurate, with all reference points real drivers use included in the game.

    The partnership will also have an impact on the handling and dynamics of Assetto Corsa's cars. RSR Nurburg and Assetto Corsa share an exclusive garage: BMW M3 E30 & E92, Lotus Exige S, Elise, 2 Eleven, McLaren MP4-12C together with Nissan GT-R, Toyota GT86 and other cars that will be included in the game. RSR will help refine the handling of these cars, using a simulator at RSR Nurburg's HQ.

    RSR will also provide cars and support at other racetracks such as Vallelunga and Spa for dynamic tests and surveys, ensuring that the end result is a realistic as possible. Kunos also promise big news coming soon, I wonder what that'll be?

    Check out some screenshots of the Nurburgring track, and new RSR Nurburg cars in the RaceDepartment gallery. Join the discussion in our AC forums, and get racing in our Assetto Corsa Racing Club!
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  3. Posted by @cassio here

    And, some WIP screenshots of the Nordschleife :cool: :




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  4. Turk

    Premium Member

    It's not the usual partnerships we hear about where it's all about the content licenses but it's a very interesting one that could have a real impact on the sim. I suppose these are the kind of people that you want to be talking too, it's no good having a top class license if it's not going to be utilised properly. It sounds like they'll have some input on some of the existing tracks too so we might see some upgrades to the content already released.
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  5. So, Benny boy: Thrustmaster T500 wheel when?
  6. @Georg Siebert stop posting thouse nice pics, I'm getting excited!

    mod-edit: and you please refrain from posting gross metaphors
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  7. "The *stuff* is about to get real people" comes to mind ;)
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice, first some virtual practice before taking the monsters on the real track. Safety first :thumbsup:
  9. This shows again how much kunos knows what they're doing! BIG thumbs up for KS!!!
    Does this mean they have the License to recreate the specific rsr nurburg carparc?
    Probably not... (Fingers crossed)
  10. refined physics :) epic stuff
  11. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    sounds awesome.
  13. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    Shwing Shwing Shwing !!!!

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  14. How can they refine the handling of simulated cars?

    Either they drive like they are meant to by design, or the physics engine isn't right?

    Or are we saying there are arbitrary decisions made in the set up of cars that are not simulated properly, and RSR will help choose good 'arbitrary' values?

    Just a bit confused, but it sounds good in the end :)

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  15. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    :roflmao:Sure they are not 100% accurate and its always room for better....but you are always confused :laugh::roflmao:
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  16. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium Member

  17. So the GT-86 is now confirmed...I believe that is new
  18. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    That is fantastic news to wake up to!

    This thing just keeps getting better and better.
  19. Nowadays computers are not even close to be able to recreate the complexity of real world physics related to a car in movement. What a physics engine does, is to use mathematical models that given certain inputs (e.g. tyre pressure, angle of slip, physical forces transferred to the wheel by the car) can "simulate" how an object would behave in real life (e.g. how a tyre deforms and transfers the physical forces between the ground and the rest of the car).

    So yes, they are using their expertise of these people to help them choose "good" arbitrary values.
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